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mystic forge promotion an hero panel changes?

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cuirous on why they have no promotions for chef materials in mytic forge upgrades? an i think the promotion materials section needs an upgrade on new incoming materials? i am not great on updating things for web site or wiki lol. other things i am interested in the hero panel on things completed in the general section are changes going to happen thier or there soon? i see a bunch of completed things done like bosses, silver waste, dry top etc? an a bunch of things in daily for different areas to be worked on every day? i know i do nt speak for the whole of the gw2 community! but i would like to see some changes in the mystic forge promotions an hero panel! thanks for listening anet an have a wonderful wintersday holiday to anetas for the hero panel stuff i think bosses, mastery insights, slayer, an such need to be looked n general section? things that have been completed should have new things in it;s place maybe

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