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[FUN] Looking for recruits


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Hey there!You´ve probably clicked on this discussion because you´re looking for a guild...or because you´re just bored. The Alliance of Fun [FUN] is a new guild looking for all of those great people who could make it better.

If you´re looking for a giant guild, you´re at the wrong place. If you´re looking for a guild focused on something other than fun, you´re also wrong. Sorry

Now, if you´ve made it through the first few lines, you might just be the right person for this guild.And because it might help you with your decision, here are a few things about [FUN]:

-As said before, we´re a new guild, so we don´t have many members. What does this mean for you? You can be part of a community where people know each other, and you can actively influence how this guild will look in a few months.-We welcome both new players and GW2 veterans. As long as you try your best at everything, it doesnt matter how few AP points you have...or how many. This means that we might not progress as fast as other guilds...but we´re doing it together.-What are you going to do in this guild? Well, thats up to you. Obviously, there are guild missions, and yes, you do need Discord for those, but other than that, there´s no masterplan on what we´ll do all the time. The guild chat is your best friend. Ask if anyone else wants to join you on your way to the dungeons, fractals, pvp arena, or wherever else you´re going.

  • Whats the main goal of this guild? To have [FUN]

Now, sadly, we do need some rules to prevent problems within the guild. Yea, I know, boring. Please read through them, there aren´t that many, and you might like some of them:

-We don´t have any requirements for you to join, if that wasn´t obvious before. However, you´ll also have to live with the fact that there are no requirements for others either....well, as long as they follow all rules.-We don´t have a minimum or maximum age, but we don´t want to be a children´s guild. If you´re 15 or up, and know how to behave, you´re just as welcome as all adults out there.-Yes, Discord exists, and yes, you will have to use it. During guild missions....and dungeons....and fractals...and whenever you´re bored and want to talk. If you don´t feel like talking, thats fine too...just listen to the others when they give out instructions.-This guild is going to have very, very new players. You don´t have to help them all the time, but you will have to accept that they can partake in all the guild activities. There won´t be two different groups for anything, unless its neccessary.

ugh, that was a long one. If you can still imagine that this guild might be what you´re looking for, message me ingame or write a post here in the forum, in this discussion. Any questions can of course be asked, and if you want to check out the guild for a week and leave afterwards, that fine too :)

So, if you´re up for some relaxed and fun gameplay, join [FUN]..and don´t forget the cookies :)

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