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WvW Roaming Condi Engineer


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@Shaogin.2679 said:So has anyone had any luck running a condi engineer roaming build for WvW? Just something I want to try but I'm not sure where to start or if it is even possible.

I play it because I am a masochist..

Stealth is necessary. You need at minimum Elixir S. I sacrifice some damage and run Scrapper. Smoke Fields + Rocket Boots could work too.You need to know how cover condi works or you'll never get any damage to stickYou are no good in a zerg - need to be melee to do damage, but your conditions are cleansed instantly by the supportsYou are at a disadvantage compared to other roamers. Yes, your melee Blowtorch will hit for ~25k if it ticks for the full 15s, but soulbeast will hit you for almost DOUBLE that amount with quickness and unblockable from 1800+ range, while still threatening to hit you for 20k in melee out of stealth. Ditto for other bursty classes. Your autoattack will hit for like ..2k if it ticks for 10s. Their autoattack will hit for 7.5k instantly.

Easiest opponents:

  • Revenant - assuming you avoid their burst, they'll drop fast due to limited cleanse
  • Warrior/Spellbreaker - Easily winnable, but they can pressure you a lot if they're good. Just keep kiting.
  • Thief - Dodge their burst, counter with your own. Wait for them to burn to death in stealth. You might need to do it twice if they have cleanse.

Medium opponents:

  • Weaver - this is a really fun fight. They have lots of cleanse, but don't put out much pressure. If you play smart, you'll eventually overwhelm them. This can go on for minutes.
  • Soulbeast - unless they're running an unusual build with lots of cleanse, you can win this if you avoid their initial burst, stealth while closing the gap, hit them with your combo in melee, then avoid their melee counterattack.
  • Firebrand/DH - you will eventually overwhelm their cleanse
  • Necro variants - combo them, then escape to 1200+ range before they can transfer it back

Hard opponents:

  • Mirage - undisputed top tier roaming class with all the dodge sigils + food, etc. It's winnable, but really tough.
  • Deadeye - Good ones will be patient and can just stealth+harass you forever. They might not kill you, but you won't kill them. They'll eventually win if they catch you off guard with a quickness DJ. Dodging those is near the threshold of human reaction time + latency.
  • Core Guard - unwinnable unless they're terrible... just too much cleanse. They can probably out-cleanse you by a factor of 3 while pressuring with tons of damage.

But yeah, I find it fun and challenging so I still play it. If you want to do less damage than other classes, that can be cleansed..., while having to be at closer range with more risk, using buggier attacks (blowtorch...) and with no place in a zerg, play condi engi!

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Its... meh. PoF elites made it obsolete in every way. It's not impossible to run around and at times can be fun when you find a random player not looking while you blowtorch his kitten and see him drop 30% hp a second... but otherwise, meh.

Power and massive attacks dominates the meta now, everyone run with easy cleanses. Only some of the classes like scourge are able to overwhelm cleanses with condi while others like mirage can simply sustain condi while evading. Engineer dont really do either. Since PoF release I have literally met one condi engineer (vanilla) that was worth his salt against my hybrid mirage. That's not a joke, a single one in a year. It was a couple of months ago. He was really, really good at it and we must have fought for several minutes over abl south camp.

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Fully share coros and dawdlers opinion.

Core Condi Roamer was a lot of fun until they changed the sigil of cleansing to 3 condis/weapon swap. This alone takes away like half of your damage if you cannot properly cover your dps condis with at least 3-4 other condis or successfully wait with the condi spike until directly after a weapon swap. Add minor condition cleanse to it and you have a really hard time.

You can do well against "low damage" opponents as you have a lot of tough/vita/healing while keeping constant pressure on them. In case of high dps spikers (e.g. DPS reaper or soulbeast) they will propbably just kill you before you even have drawn out their condi cleanses.

I agree with coros list, but would add Holosmith to the medium opponents due tu the high burst/cc/reveal they have but usually not the best condi cleansing.Mirage is always an almost certain death as you simply cannot apply enough pressure inbetween all those clones.

Overall it is just a lucky shot, but that was always the case for core engi^^ it just is a bit harder than some months ago.

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Burning's got the burst, but that's not where the real pressure is.Use condition engineer for its strengths: a jack of all trades and master of explosions.

Grenades, Elixer Gun, Sigil of Torment to cover conditions, and Runes of Aristocracy.Firearms for Sanguine Array and a cover burn. Alchemy for healing on boon gain.From there, use whatever you prefer for the last traitline and sigil. Explosions for ranged offense, Scrapper or Inventions for defense.Gear could also vary, but don't underestimate healing power when you constantly apply 25 stacks of might over and over.

In addition, most people would expect a lot of burn stacks when they know you're running condi.Except, in never comes under a constant hail of bleeding/poisoning/vulnerability/crippling/chilling/blinding shrapnel with a little extra burn, confusion, torment and weakness for good measure.

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BTW you can also run condi holo. The Zephyr spec of the holo give nice mobility and and holo#3/#4#5 also work fine with condi builds. Just trade it with the tool traitline.

Tried Warks Build in the past days, however I did not get very far with it^^ I am sure it can be very nice when played right but it just does not yet fit my personal playstyle.

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