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Weapon skill's that need a rework + my view on the last (PORTAL) nerf

Yukio blaster.9082

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Portal :did lost it value after the nerf, 30sec isn't enough for nothing u maybe can us it once efficiently if you are lucky and most of the time u just us it cos the cd is running outwhen u put a portal on a node the time u take running to another node will let u at 10sec to 15 sec before the cd of the portal ends and with the 72sec cd it's not worth it .my point is PORTAL is bad in solo q's but still beneficial in duo or tournament's with your team on discord when the 30 sec is enough to swap players between node or save a fallen ally.suggestion : revert the nerf in pvp or make it an elite skill instead of the forgotten glamour elite or make it 45 sec .Scepter ambush :compared to staff ambush it's a meme just remove the random factor and make it one consistent condition and add some power damage to it for a hybrid potential .Focus 5 :the skill is so bad the dmg is low if you compare it to ranger axe 5 and the cast is on you instead on the target when it's already hard to make any dmg , the retaliation is irrelevant.


greatsword 4 :the skill is very hard to even hit the first tic of dmg on a crippled target simply cos the skill force you to stop. this skill is only beneficial for slow cleave compared to focus 4 ,the value of the skill is so low .


F1 on sword :Bad skill ! need a rework.


sword 1 ,2 and 5 are very bad skill's between slow and realy hard to hit and that's so much bad skills on one weapon .

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