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What happened to the Grentches??


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It's a curious mystery indeed. When I chatted about it with a few devs in-game and with a moderator during one of the guild chats, they too found the lack of grentches curious in the modern day. It's possible that the Grentches departed to wherever Grenth went, they remained in the Underworld and were corrupted/eaten by Dhuum or his minions (as we haven't been able to explore the Underworld in full yet in GW2), or they were killed off by Dwayna's Brrrls--aka the snowmen--who were pretty adamant on hunting down any joyless Grentch they could find.

It would be interesting to learn more about the fate of Grentches one day, as well as Grenth's reasoning for punishing innocent children by having these minions steal presents from them, but it's a mystery for a later date assuming it'll be explored at all while all these other things are going on in the narrative. It's nice to see interest in the Grentches continue, however, and I'm sure the devs will take note of it should they ever decide to expand on the mystery. :)

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