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Camera zoom keeps changing


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I posted this in the general forum, but maybe this belongs here:

Please stop changing our camera zoom! I'm not referring to the FOV setting, I am talking about the actual zoom that you control with your mouse-wheel.

This is not new, I'm just finally getting around to posting...

It is most notable at world bosses such as Teq and Jormag. I'll have the camera zoomed all the way out, and then for whatever reason it jumps back in, and I have to zoom out again. It's highly distracting.

I have the collision slider moved all the way to the right, if that makes any difference.

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Personally I really wish they'd just restore the old camera settings. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with them making all of these changes entirely gratuitous. And now I have the hardest time finding camera settings I'm comfortable playing with. Not to mention as evidenced here that the "fixes" are causing difficulty in game play for some people. But yeah, I'm sorry to say that the camera is probably working as intended. It's just the dev team screwed up trying to "improve" things. I'm irritated by much the same stuff myself.

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