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RACE Beetle Racing Winter Tournament


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Hello everyone,RACE the EU servers Beetle Racing Guild is happy to announce to everyone the "Beetle Racing Winter Tournament".The 5th of January our guild will host a one day, 5 custom tracks tournament with 5 precursors as prizes.5th January, Lion's Arch, CET 15:30.The prizes:First place: 250 mystic coin and The ChosenSecond place: 250 ectoplasms and The ColossusThird place: 250 wintersday gifts and The LoverFourth place: 150 wintersday gifts and The BardFifth place: 100 wintersday gifts and RageSixth place: 50 wintersday gifts and Asef's BrewEveryone is welcome, entry is free. Be sure to join our lfg group the 5th of january at 15:30 CET time.See you on the road :D

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