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Warbeast Vambraces: Unable to craft recipe despite being learned

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Hello I have been trying to find a way to fix this problem involving me crafting the Warbeast Vambraces (Leatherworking 400). Despite already learning the recipe it still does not display for me under my crafting window, I have made sure that my filter in my crafting window are all checked and set to have me display the required item. I can see other glove recipes when I check them but not the Warbeast Vambraces recipe.

I am indeed within the required crafting level requriement too as I have managed to craft the Warbeast Jerkin, Leggings, Mask and Boots but can't seem to craft the gloves as I do not have the option for it. I can craft its materials needed to make the vambraces but not the vambraces itself!

Is there any way for me to go about solving a certain recipe that doesn't display in my crafting window, i.e relearning the recipe in order to have a chance in making it re-appear?


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