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What to do with Ascended Rings from Fractals


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You usually get as many salvage tools as ascended rings on fractals, so always attune them and then salvage.

About the profit, read this part:

Ascended rings can be salvaged for 2-42 Stabilizing Matrices.

  • All rings drop one stack of 2-5 (rarely 10, VERY rarely 20) Stabilizing Matrices. (average 4.0 - 44 items)
  • If the ring is Attuned, it drops another stack of 1 (sometimes 2) Stabilizing Matrix. (average 1.1 - 44 items)
  • If the ring is Infused, it drops another stack of 1-5 (rarely 10, VERY rarely 20) Stabilizing Matrices. (average 3.1 - 24 items)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Salvage#Ascended_equipment
  1. Each stabilizing matrix costs around 38s on list pricing on TP right now. So salvaging an at least attuned ascended ring nets you almost 2g on profit (taking an average of 5 matrices per salvage).
  2. Never infuse ascended rings to salvage them, its not worth the cost.

If you happen to have more ascended rings than salvage tools, keep them somewhere until you get lucky with a 20 use ascended salvage tool... or if you want to free up space, then i've read that people usually just sell these rings to NPC but i'm not sure if this is better than just buying asc kits tbh.A storage mule character is worth spending gems on.

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