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We Really Gonna Wait over a Year for Swiss style tournaments?


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After being MIA for close to 6 months, and returning back to the game hoping for some big changes that would encourage players to actually play as a team more often had really led me to believe we won't be getting Swiss style AT's for a very very long time. I'm Not sure HOW LONG exactly it takes to "code" this but I highly doubt it should take this long. I'll like to just believe it's in the back burner of ideas/things that need to get done because Beatle racing and 2vs2 was released and seem to taken A lot less time then we hoped for.

In Short I just don't believe The team really trying to get this done at all, Or at least not on the top of the list of things to do. With that New Map for conquest came out for "beta" yet no updates on it being fixed or glitches/bugs that can be used for 2vs2 I kinda feel like theirs no real love for this game mode and the amount of neglect It gets among the staff that's "running" it has seriously made this game mode feel useless/pointless. I'm unsure how much longer this game mode gonna last because with the direction of 0 support for any competitive tournaments hosted by Anet , or 0 Changes made to implant something for players to enjoy queuing as 5 doesn't seem to be going well at all.

@Ben Phongluangtham.1065 Hopefully you can possibly get back to me about any of my concerns and update me on some stuff because it's taking to long to really get any good changes done in this game-mode (the 2vs2 was great but needs more polishing)

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@"Randulf.7614" said:fyi the devs are on holiday. I'm also sure tagging them doesn't work as "I think" they don't always keep notifications on to avoid being spammed with specific requests.

Might wanna check back and ask in a couple of weeks

i'm certain they still browse around

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