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Guild Wars 1 Alt-Tabbing to Desktop

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@Poormany.4507 said:Since updating from Windows 10 version 1709, my GW1 game keeps alt-tabbing to the desktop whenever I am on a loading screen, so I rolled back to 1709. I know this issue was fixed for GW2, but is there any chance of it getting fixed for GW1 as well or any workarounds? Thanks!

Wasn't fixed, GW2 still randomly alt-tabs for no reason while playing the game (not during loading),

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@Poormany.4507 said:

@Arsenic Touch.7960 said:For GW1, you just need to run it in compatibility mode, windows vista service pack 2.

It fixes the minimization every time you load a map.

It worked! Thanks! :D

You're welcome. Found an old thread on it about a month or so ago when the trilogy was on sale and I picked it up for HoM. Was quite annoying having it minimize like it would. Was glad the fix was so easy.

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