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[RD] - Redemption: A Hardcore WvW-oriented PvX Guild. [NA] (EU/NA Prime time.)

Plan G.2849

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Our Credo:

"The phoenix, the legendary firebird of ancient mythology, is more than just the heraldic icon that adorns our banners, it is a symbol, that represents the very core of our guild's philosophy:As it is told, when the phoenix finally succumbs to the clutches of death, it's body bursts into a resplendent pillar of flame, a funeral pyre of its own making... only to rise once more from the still burning embers of its fiery demise, a second incarnation. Upon this rebirth it is gifted with all the prior knowledge of the life that preceded it, both the high points and the low, the successes and the failures, and utilizes this knowledge to its advantage, that it might become stronger, wiser, and burn far more brilliantly than ever before.In this way we aim to emulate this bird of storied legend that personifies our ethos. To take all of our experiences, both the good and the bad, and redeem them so that we may continue to soar to heights that were previously thought unreachable, both as a guild and a community."


Greetings, and welcome to the recruitment thread for Redemption. If you enjoy WvW and the above quote resonates with you even slightly, then we heartily encourage you to read on and learn a bit more about our guild.

Redemption is a guild currently situated on the Henge of Denravi server, that defines itself as a "Hardcore WvW-oriented PvX Guild". In the event you aren't clear on precisely what that means, allow us to elaborate:While we do occasionally dabble as a group in the other aspects of the game, PvE, PvP, etc. ("PvX"), the central focus of our guild's activity is conducting and running raid groups with a primary focus towards GvG and “open-field” fights in the WvW portion of the game ("WvW oriented"), and constantly working to improve and refine our effectiveness towards that end ("Hardcore"). Now, that said, we are not elitists by any measure. We aspire to meet the goals we set for ourselves, and do so as efficiently as possible, but it is important to have fun in the process. We do however, require that prospective members be able to take the odd bit of constructive criticism, as well as approach our guild with the will and desire to improve upon their skill they already possess. The apathetic and the complacent have no place among our number.Now, with the advent of the Path of Fire expansion, Redemption has recently started looking for potential new additions to our guild who are driven, friendly, energetic, and have an interest in being part of a long standing and proud community that stands to only grow to greater with the passage of time.

What Redemption offers:

  • A diverse community made up of mature, sociable people from all around the world (yes most of them speak English), a good number of whom are usually online at any given moment!
  • Our own private guild Discord™ channel, that’s always filled with people who are doing anything from playing Guild Wars 2, to chatting, to just hanging out.
  • Even in the “off hours”, Redemption never truly sleeps. Both full size WvW and PvE raids, as well as guild missions, smaller WvW havoc groups, fractals and other activities are held on numerous days throughout the week, in both NA and EU time-zones.
  • Redemption advocates a hardcore, guild-focused raid style, where players who fancy the idea of running with an organized 15 to 25 person composition in WvW aimed at devastating enemy groups twice its size, can do just that.
  • An environment where players of all skill levels can work to improve their ability, whether it be through running with our regular raid groups, or in one of our training or skirmish sessions in the guild hall arena.
  • Occasionally we even play other games outside of Guild Wars 2, whether it’s another MMO, multiplayer games on STEAM, or just a board or card game over voice comms.
  • In the event you join our guild from another server and would like to transfer to ours, Redemption offers to cover up to 50% of the transfer cost.

Rules & Requirements:


  • If you are online during guild activities (Raids, meetings, etc.) it is expected that you will attend. In the event that you are prevented from attending, we ask that you contact one of the guild officers (preferably ahead of time) and detail a brief explanation denoting the reason for your absence.
  • Recruits & Normal Members are expected to attend WvW raids no less than 3 times per month, in order to maintain their rank within the guild. In the same way, Core Members & Officers are expected to attend raids at least once per week, to the same effect.
  • If you find yourself in WvW during the same time a Guild officer is tagged up in WvW, it is expected that you will join the squad and lend them your support.
  • Conducting raids as often as we do, we are no strangers to the concept of "Burn-out". In the event that a guild member does experience aforementioned phenomenon, provided they communicate with an officer, we are often more than willing to allow for breaks from raiding during normal raid times, in favour of experiencing other aspects of the game (WITHIN REASON).


  • We aim to create a guild community worth being proud of. To that end, Redemption advocates a 90% rep requirement policy (100% while participating in our WvW raids). The [RD] tag denotes to all who see it that you are counted among our number. Wear it with pride.
  • While we do aim to be the primary guild of our members, we do not under any circumstances expect your guild experience to revolve exclusively around us. We know that many people have bank guilds, PvE guilds as well as guilds for organizing family and friends, and as such, exceptions to the rep rule can be made on a case-by-case basis.


  • While Redemption does not require its members to fall under a certain age range to be a part of our guild, we do of course, require that all of our members conduct themselves in a mature and socially acceptable manner. Individuals found to be prone to frequent emotional outbursts, causing social conflicts or other heretofore not listed unacceptable behavior within the guild, will likely find themselves being removed from the guild roster as quickly as they arrived.
  • Redemption is a guild comprised of people from all over the world, each of whom have their own race, gender, beliefs, values, languages, etc. Suffice to say that discrimination of any kind is heavily frowned upon here and will not be tolerated. At the same time, we understand that various forms of humor do exist around many if not all of these subjects, but each stops at a fine and very clear line. Do be sure not to cross it.


  • In order to be admitted into the guild, prospective recruits will be required to review and fill out our guild application form, the link for which can be found at the bottom of this thread post.
  • Redemption utilizes its own guild builds during both PvE and WvW raids, and we require that our members make use of these builds while participating in said raids.
  • New member's will undergo a probation period of up to 3 months (approximately the duration of a single WvW server pairing) in order to accurately assess how acclimated prospective recruits are to our guilds way of functioning.
  • Usage of voice communication software during guild WvW raids is MANDATORY (If the idea of communicating with a microphone on comms makes some of our members nervous or uncomfortable then we by no means require them to use one, but we would still like everyone to listen in). As a guild our primary program of choice is Discord™, however in the event we are running with allied groups we may sometimes elect to use the server's associated TeamSpeak channel as well. You are expected to be logged into Discord™ as either "online" or "idle" whenever playing Guild Wars 2 or any of the other major game environments with which we associate ourselves as a community, so as to be apprised of any events or announcements concerning the guild in relation to said environments as they are made.


Below you can find the link to our guild recruitment application form.

Recruitment Application Form: bit.ly/2fZdzkB


If you have any questions regarding our guild or the application process please contact our guild master or one of the following officers or coordinators in-game:

Guild Master: Dusk Nightingale.7806Guild Officers: Miaka.7036, Mores.2890Guild Coordinators: Sycklove.5609, Inspirational Memories.2506, Crevosis.6310

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