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Arena Net Devs: Can We PLEASE Have A List Of Where Shroud Traits Go On Scourge


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Hi forums & related users!!First I want to say I'm loving PoF & so is my entire guild. It seems like there was a ton of extra effort put into even little things that make big changes (like the malnourishment buff) & it shows.Something I'm rather surprised at however is we still don't have a published list of how the traits roll in (stat scaling, effects, or otherwise) of how Necromancer Shroud traits actually affect Scourge F' skills. Yes it's true that the community has always been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to testing & figuring out how things work. But I think this is a bit unfair to ask when none of the tooltips on the core traits display descriptions on scourge. And the actual Shade or (F' skill) tooltips themselves display either no description (e.g. Weakening Shroud,) Retain only a partial trait description (e.g. Foot in the Grave,) or a Full description & effect (e.g. Dhuumfire,) when they are equipped & the associated Shade Skill is moused-over.

I seem to recall it being said on a preview stream that "everything goes somewhere," & to avoid the game of "but the dev's said X" I'd really like to request a list of which skills inherit which properties from which traits. Either nonexistent (if this is a thing,) partial or full properties. And if any of the number scaling is adjusted in Scourge vs Base necromancer.

I don't think this is an unreasonable request & feel that it would really help the necro community learn what is a really interesting take on the class! Especially because, outside of accidental miracles we're not going to figure out that a trait that has no visible tooltip does something to modify a shroud skill if we don't have said trait (why would you take a trait that does nothing) equipped.

Thanks a lot all! Hope this gets through to the right people!!See you in the Desert!

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