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Ideas for a "Trade Run" feature for the next expansion


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I really wish we can have a "Trade Run" feature implemented in this game. It may serve as a selling point of the next expansion, as well as encouraging more people to participate group/meta events more frequently on ALL maps, thus making it easier for individuals to do group contents at all times. Here are some ideas about this feature:

  • Each map has a unique workbench for players to craft trade packs.
  • Implement new, special materials that are dropped from group/meta events of a map, which are required to craft trade packs of that map (some common materials may also be required). Each trade pack only requires one special material, but there can be multiple types of packs for each map, with different qualities depending on different special materials used. More challenging group events drop more precious special materials which are used to craft better quality packs.
  • Players can craft then deliver trade packs, one at a time, to somewhere on the same map or on another map if technique supports. There should be some restrictions and interactions while the player is carrying the pack, so as to make the delivery process fun and challenging (in typical GW2 & Anet style, ofc). Rewards are granted after players successfully deliver their packs, and the form & amount of reward can be planned in many ways to make sure this new feature won't crash the market.
  • if it works well maybe we can even implement the special material acquisition for dungeons, fractals and raids as well, since the aim is for individual players to have an easier time finding team for ALL group contents.
  • Last and least, yeah this idea sounds familiar with Archeage, but I believe that what defines a game and its features' uniqueness is its fundamental principle, and Anet's principle for GW2 is that players should help instead of hate each other ;)
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So essentially you want people to invest time and resources into a crafting feature which provides them with an item which returns more value than the original resources invested?

This is already in-game:

  • Unbound Magic -> Warped Bundles/Packets
  • Volatile Magic -> Shipments
  • Pakt Supply Network Agents
  • daily crafting of ascended and similar gated materials

Dunno, maybe this could work. Not sure a lot of people will bother with it unless the return is great. If the return is great it will be affecting the economy. There are a ton of farms which are simply not run because they are either to convoluted, difficult and/or the reward does not justify the effort. This seems like it would be one more of those.

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