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Experienced player looking for guild [PVE], [sPvP], [WvW]


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Little about meI'm an experienced mmo player who has played many other mmos and put in my fair share of time in GW2. I'm a late night NA player. What I mean by that is on weeknights I'm on at the tail end of NA prime but mostly on later, but on weekends I will be on at NA prime time and still later at night. I like playing with players from all around the world, but I only speak English and a tiny bit of German. I can be competitive and always look for ways to improve(I like endgame content and competitive pvp), but I enjoy playing with all kinds of skill levels. I'm also quite social and enjoy a social guilds.

What Am I Looking For

  • The guild must be social. I like talking and getting to know my guild mates and having a good time.
  • The guild has to be active and partly so around the times I play(NA late night and NA Prime time).
  • WvW and sPvP is strongly preferred. Doesn't have to be hard core. However, no very little pvp participation from the guild and I'll probably bounce quickly.
  • PvE content. I want to run instances, raids, open world stuff, and anything else. I know it should be obvious, but some guilds just kind of exist and don't do much. I don't want to be in that kind of guild.

What Would I Bring to the Guild

  • Active experienced player looking to get stuff done.
  • Someone who helps their guild mates when they can.
  • A friendly person to converse and play the game with.

Guild Size and StructureI am looking for a decently sized guild. Not too picky about the size. I prefer quality over quantity but I'm not interested in tiny guilds. If your guild treats people like numbers I'm also not interested. I like a respectful but adult environment. Yes I do occasionally joke around. I prefer a loose set of rules or none.

I'm not particular to any server. That being said, I am currently on Sea of Sorrows right now, and I would be moving if I do find the right fit for WvW purposes. If your guild rarely WvW or doesn't at all please don't waste your time or mine. I'm looking for a guild to play with not one to just exist in.

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