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[Suggestion] Black Lion raffles


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My suggestion is about a system to raffle items, included many account bound items, donated by players. With a new tab for raffles in Black Lion window where players can donate items or pay a fee for participating in raffles sponsored by another players. In each impotant raffle could appear the name of the character used and guild represented when item or the stack was donated.Items should be categorized, for example:Locked to account items: These items can't be donatedFreebie items: For example many cheap consumables and other easy stuff that players could give agay... Players could buy, per a few coppers, random items from the stock donated to the tombola.Tier 1 raffable items: Paticipating fee maybe a silver or a few. Raflle duration 30 minutes. Max participants: 100.Tier 2 rafflable items: Participating fee maybe 25 silvers. Raflle duration 1 day. Max participants 500.And so on maybe until a maximum tier of raffable items with a paticipating fee of 1 gold or a few and a duration of a week, with for example valuable acount bound items bought with gems that donators could spare...

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