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[Suggestion] Green gems and blue gems


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Could be an idea, but there is probably a better way than spending resources doing this with what already exists.

I personally don't want to see resources spent on their end like this. As a company ANet is not responsible for the laws outside of the country they reside in.

I would like to see other players have a chance to spend in the store though as that aids development overall as their is no sub fees.

I strongly suggest you talk with your own government about this as well if you object to the laws they make. They should not be acting as your nanny and rather executing the will of the people if you live in a place that is considered "democracy". Then again if that is the will of the people you should talk with your country men/women as well.

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@joseanjim.8096 said:I can buy gems for the moment, but belgian players can't. The anti videogames lootbox fever is making that many countries are revising its laws about internet gambling...

They changed that a while ago. Belgians can now buy gems, but they aren't able to purchase BL keys are any other item that has a random component. It's a handful of items, including some bundles.

In effect, ANet has green gems already, without having a two tier system.

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