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Friendly NPCs not attacking or helping during Living World Season 3

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Date, time, and time zone the bug occurred23rd of December, 9:30-9:40pm, GMT+10:30.

Name of map you're onDuring the Living World Season 3 instance "Confessor's Stronghold", however I have noticed it during other instances in this Living World season.

Your character name, level, race, and professionJahmehsen, level 80, Sylvari, Thief (Deadeye)

Whether you're in a groupNo, I was playing solo, which is why it was an issue.


I was trying to break the shield of the Bloodstone Maulers. Up until this point, Rytlock, Canach and Marjory were attacking perfectly well. However, Rytlock ran ahead instead of aggroing onto any of the Bloodstone Maulers. When I broke the shield, I first broke it for the one closest to the room with the boss fight (the 2nd Bloodstone Mauler). Marjory and Canach had been attacking the 1st Mauler. I died to the 2nd after breaking the shields of both Bloodstone Maulers. I had to restart the instance from a checkpoint.

When I returned to the Bloodstone Maulers, none of the friendly NPCs would aggro onto them. The only actions they engaged in were standing by the next "trigger" for the story and reviving me when I went down.

This persisted onto the next room with the Justiciar Adrienne fight.

Edit: it also persisted in the room with the Subjugated Jade Armor fight.

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Date, time, and time zone the bug occurred 15th of February, 2022, 7:45-8:00pm, GMT.

Name of map you're on During the Living World Season 3 instance "Confessor's Stronghold"

Your character name, level, race, and profession Serahn, level 80, Sylvari, Ranger (Core)

Whether you're in a group No, I was playing solo

This is still exactly the same as stated above, with your allies just standing around and not doing anything during the Justicar Adrienne fight. Makes it extremely difficult with the horde of infinite other enemies around her while just soloing this boss.

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