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thief montage videos: good or bad for our community?


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is it possible that we always get nerfs because of false information that video montages media has been propagated?

It seems that in developers eyes whenever they see thieves in media it’s all fine and over performing.

Take for instance the vault + shadow step, the interaction was nerfed because of the GVG videos and ANet deemed it to be OP, but not Coalescence of Ruin which is more spammy and powerful in a safe distance. And to an extent that Lead attacks were changed for us not to have the modifier before the engagement.

Videos of sword dagger core thieves, which in ANets marketing perspective is not a good sign since the expansion specialization counterpart in Spvp is lacking, which IMHO the reason why they kept on nerfing S/D Core thieves to oblivion bit by bit, and in every patch.

And on a final note, this coming Jan 8 patch, we will see another set of nerfs, that is to be expected anyways.

Regards, stay strong, and keep on striving.

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It's stupid to believe a player will play like that 100% of the time it's your best performances usually now It does depend on whos editing it if they show them messing up I'd say those are the best montage videos it gives you an idea of where the player is at skill wise and shows that they get up after getting killed. Now even if that's the case I would not even remotely in a thousand years or more think it's a good idea to base balance patches or even put them into effect off of montage videos. The clips could be weeks, months, years old and could be previous patches none of it's smart to do so.

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