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Two players searching for PVE guild - EU - GH


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We are two players, relatively new to the game (reached level 80 with our first characters about a week ago), but with lots of experience from previous MMORPGs. We are both very active during the weekends, and in my case quite often during the week. For the time being we have no interest on leveling any new characters, and we would like to focus on exploring the endgame in depth with our current characters (tempest and druid)

What we are searching for:

  • We are interested mainly in PVE content: fractals, open world, and hopefully one day raids.
  • We are still starting to explore the endgame, reached T2 fractals so far. We learn very fast, but often we are going to be asking many questions, and needing some guidance.
  • We would like to participate in as many events as possible.
  • Friendly environment. We would like to make some friends and find people to enjoy the game.
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