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Wish list for QOL for christmas


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remove healing prism trait cd and increase illusionary inspirations healing(inspiration), make flow of time and seize the moment traits aoe share, rework the boon applyment of wells to either each tick or charge and fire type of mechanic( you put the well on yourself and be able to put it on a ranged location within that 3 sec interval for greater effect )(chrono.), rework dune cloak trait, reduce cd of jaunt, rework mirage advance and, sand through glass utilites since they are just inferior copy pastes of thiefs sword 2 jump and roll for initiative, rework axe of symmetry skill confusion application to 2 per clone and character(mirage), change bountiful dissolunment give aoe random boon share through shatters ( its called chaos traitline not order ), make sigil of inspiration share 2 random boon from your current boons on top of 5 second increase( if not change its name to sigil of rally or courage since it no longer inspires people in its current state ), either increase portal uptime or reduce its cd(pvp/wvw), rework major traits of domination traitline.
overall, increase mesmers boonshare and healing potential, make mesmer more dependent on clones while dealing damage.

edit: change mimic cd apply of utility by half: mimic cd +( utility cd / 2)

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