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About our community, a wish for next year(s)


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First thing first, i want to claim that i love our community. Really. I enjoy spending time in Tyria since more than 10 years and i'm pretty sure i'll still be there for a long time to come.

That said, I've got an issue with [EU] servers sometimes. I played original Guild Wars today and that's why i'm thinking about this. I played in my own language server, with the ability to switch into a more populated place, like an english server.

Two things came to my mind while i was coming back in GW2. I can't understand why i can almost never speak my home language while i'm roaming. It's a real issue for me and i'd like to see this change. I understand it's better to read and write english when you play a mmo. But i'd like people stop being angry just because sometimes i want to talk in /map with my own language. Today, i saw a guy being insulted because he wrote a guild announcement (he tried to find new guildies) in my language. What was he supposed to do ? Advertise in english to invite people in a guild where you don't speak english ? It's... Insane right ?

I lead dynamic events or world bosses daily. And because of this issue, i almost never explain things to come in my language. Every time i regret it. I'm pretty sure some players miss these events just because they can not understand my advices.

Sorry for this post but today i need to tell it. I sometimes miss original Guild Wars districts. Be open minded guys. Deal with other languages, respect them.Everything else is awesome yet (or almost)

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