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[NA][PvX] First Interplanar Division[FID] is a New Guild looking for more people to join the Family.

Munkey Stanks.1308

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Tired of super-serious guilds? First Interplanar Division [FID] pretends to be serious but we're not. We do a little bit of everything but this game is not a job to us. We're a new guild with the Windswept Haven GH, but that just adds to the growth and bond our members will share while building our new home.

Currently we are looking for some Active fresh blood, either new or veteran, to join in on the fun. Anyone is welcome and depending on how good of a fit you are, you could be given a more responsible and important role even including promotions.

Those who are selected to become officers will have an equal share of power and the officer core will work as a pure democracy. That being said, officers who do not meet the mark after a trial period will need to be re-evaluated. Officers of the Founding Core will need to help with recruiting, organizing building a foundation to grow from, contribute where possible and maintain a positive attitude.

Officer Requirements:

  • Be an active member (participate in at least a few guild events per week).
  • Retain an open mindset, be patient.
  • Maintain an active mentor mentality and be courteous to guildmates.
  • Have experience running guilds or at least be willing to make up the lack of experience with enthusiasm.
  • Be proficient in recruiting and/or advertising

Project Goals:

  • Engage with all types of people, to include LGBT+.
  • Engage with newer players and veterans alike to create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Cater to those who require more serious guild goings-on, as well as those who would like casual company.
  • Create a community of friendship and camaraderie.

If this feels like it could be something you would be interested in please contact:


Commander:Munkey Stanks.1308Vexed.2459

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