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[Suggestion] Limiting server transfer availability


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While you can never fully restrict player movement or the health of the game declines further, perhaps what needs to be done is use two population cap metrics.

  1. Full Server: can't transfer to server but can transfer off like it is now

  2. Full link grouping: all servers in a link grouping are considered full to players not currently apart of the grouping. If you are still within that link grouping and the servers themselves are not full, you have the ability to transfer within.

Reason for number 2 is you have mentioned there are not enough servers to give a more balanced linking scenerios, so it seems a hard cap is needed for guest servers as well as the host. The reason for allowing xfers within the grouping, soemtimes people find a guild they want to stay with and they could possibly be left out if it gets relinked to another full linking.

The way I see it is the top 4 or 5 link groupings should have their population metrics normalized and use that as a starting cap essentially forcing groups to transfer down if they find where they are at stale. It seems most of this is backend work.

If this isn't plausible, what about creating a new shard and lowering pop caps further? Back when we had double the tiers there was more loyalty to server names so it may work

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