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[EU] Looking for Raid-Training-Guild (ger/en)


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I'm an active GW2 player who sadly never got into raiding. At this stage of the game its very hard for me to join PUG groups with all the Li-Requirements and what not.So I would like to try my luck and post here: I'm looking for a raid training guild or guild that would be willing to take a raid-newbie (but otherwise not unfamiliar with Gw2).

The classes i play regulary and could bring to the table (full ascendend):cRanger/cDruid/Healer DruidcReaper/cScourge(?)cRev

Of course I would be willing to play different classes/roles that are needed (exept cPS or Chrono. Don't enjoy it at all, sorry).

I speak germand and english.Hit me up Ingame at Unfug.2865 or reply here.

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