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[Suggestions] Action Camera updates


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The Action Camera has a lot of potential to make for a fluid and pleasant combat experience, but as of now I find it to be too clunky and not flexible enough to be appealing.The general idea: I find that many features of the Action Camera mode could be used in the Normal Camera mode, and vice versa. Many of them would be better off separated from one another, instead of being forced to pick "all or nothing".

These are the main features I'd like to be able to toggle on and off, regardless of my selected camera mode:

  • Automatic camera turn: With the Action Camera mode, we don't have to press any button in order to turn our camera around. In Normal Camera mode, we have to click on either mouse button to do so. I'd like to have the option to make the camera folow my mouse movements, without having to press any button or use the Action Camera.
  • Fluid movement: When the Action Camera is enabled and we press the key to move backwards, our character actually turns around and moves at full speed, instead of keeping the same orientation and moving backwards at a greatly reduced speed. This would be amazing to have as a separate option, that we can use even with the Normal Camera setting.
  • AOE targetting: This might just be a personnal preference, but I would love to have a Normal Camera targetting system for all single-target abilities, while at the same time having a screen-centered Action Camera aim system for ground-target abilities. This would allow me to have a locked target that doesn't unlock no matter where I orient my field of view (like in Normal Camera mode), while at the same time having a clear, unmoving target reticle for ground-target abilities. It can be really hard to find your tiny mouse cursor in the heat of the fight, and making independent settings for ground-target abilities and for single-target abilities would allow us to always know where our AOE will be aimed at while keeping a clear, locked target for single-target abilities.
  • Auto attack on left click: When the Action Camera is enabled, maintaining left-click spams our auto attack. It would be nice as an option to have our character keep on auto attacking, even after releasing left clic, just as they do when pressing the [1] key.

As a bonus, I think the target reticle could use a few customization options:

  • Melee aim assistance: Currently, the reticle never moves, no matter where we are looking at. The only way to make it move down on the screen is to zoom in the camera. Other than that, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to aim anywhere in melee range. I suggest a new optionnal setting, that would progressively drag down the target reticle as we lower our field of view. This means that while looking up or straight ahead, the reticle would be in the same position as it is currently in-game, but would progressively move closer to our character as we look down to aim at closer ennemies. At the extreme, it would aim directly at our feet.
  • Reticle customization: It would be nice if we could change the colour and opacity of the target reticle. Yea that one was short.

I will probably clarify/add to the lists as the discussion goes on, so don't be surprised if what you pointed out has been changed or isn't there anymore :p

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