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Salvaging after the rune/sigil rework


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So before, I used to salvage my rares to get the sigil/runes with a master salvage kit, but now I am getting no runes/sigils from them. My questions are: 1. Is it worth salvaging rares anymore or should I just TP them? 2. What's the point of masters salvage kits now that they cannot salvage runes/sigils? Thanks!

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There's some good data on the drop rates so that we can set some reasonable rules of thumb about which kits to use when:

  • Runes or sigils you already have from other sources: basic kit or less is fine; kit doesn't affect the drop rates.
  • Fine gear or below: basic/copper-fed is fine; these don't have runes|sigils, so not worth using more expensive kits.
  • Rare gear of L68+: since these drop ecto, it's always worth using silver-fed/master/mystic anyhow; no change since 3 months ago
  • Exotic gear of any level: almost always worth more to sell.
  • The only split decision is for masterwork gear. In general for most people, it's fine to use basic kits or below to salvage these.

The exception to this is for people who expect to salvage 1000s (yes thousands) of masterwork gear. With those large numbers, it's worth paying the extra 50+ copper per salvage because, over the long run, you'll end up with measurably more charms & symbols. However for those who salvage maybe 100-200 per week, it's not worth it: RNG is not your friend. Some people will get lucky; most will not.

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@Khisanth.2948 said:Over the long run everyone is going to end up salvaging 1000s of everything so that isn't much of a split.

I don't think most people need to worry about it. People who farm Istan don't get many greens; they get unID gear. If they sell that, then they aren't salvaging much. Over 6 years, sure, they'll probably salvage thousands anyhow. But over the time period that people care about, i.e. this week or this month or when they have some leave granted ... no, it's not worth it for them. You can end up salvaging a stack of minor runes directly without getting a symbol|charm.

Put another way, it depends on the amount of time people consider to be eventually. For those trying to be maximally efficient in coin, use the silver-fed. For those trying to be more efficient with their time (and for easier rules of thumb), it's fine to use the basic/copper-fed; it won't matter much for many players.

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