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PvE/PvP/, EU, semi-hardcore Player looking for guild! [SFR]


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I am recently back on the game and want to find a guild to group up with for PVE and PVP content (doesnt need to be the same guild!)

I spend approx. 60% of my time playing sPVP and have ranked at Gold/Plat in seasons before I last quit the game - looking to try do the same but most of my FL have quit - so if i was to be entirely honest this is the main guild type i am looking for, group of folks I can hang around with - playing both serious ranked / tournaments but also having a laugh casually from time to time!I main Necro/Ranger for PVP (although the Ranger is only recently something I started playing about with - just for fun! :) )

In terms of PVE - looking for a guild that I can do Fractals with (geared up to the 90s atm), occasionally join a raid (not partaken much in raids before, but willing to learn!), and of course - do some of the Meta events/achievment hunt with!

If your guild fits either bill - I have 3-4 slots available and would love to be considered to join - I am active, and if a good guild encourages social gameplay will normally be on 3-4 hours a day (more during holidays of course!!!)


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