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Fastest way to get XP with level 80?


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You might ask for the fastest way to get exp, but I can almost guarantee you that the fastest way is so boring that you can't stand doing it for more than 30 minutes.

So here are some exp farms:

  1. CoF infinite farm. P1 at the place where you have to stand in the spheres you just keep the enemies coming without destroying the console. This spawns an infinite stream of opponents for infinite exp. This used to be the go-to method to farm central tyria exp when HoT first launched. It's the most boring shit I've ever done. Even worse than Silverwastes chestfarm.
  2. Dungeon exploration. Each exploration path gives you almost one spirit shard. Or one level if you aren't lvl 80 yet.
  3. Silverwastes. Complete a lot of events and get a lot of everything including exp.
  4. Dragon's Stand. I used to farm all my HoT exp on this map. Completing it from start to finish gives quite a lot of exp.
  5. You can also farm for exp scrolls and tomes in PvP and WvW, but since I don't really play those modes I can't judge how fast they are.
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As far as xp at level 80 goes, some of the same farms apply as with mastery leveling:

A.) adventures in HoT. Gold gives around 100k exp (I believe modified by boosters too) and as such doing the easy events can net an easy 500-600k (pre booster) per dayB.) RIBA with exp boostersC.) doing the Gerent->AB farm every 2 hoursD.) HoT Hero Point runsE.) PoF Istan will yield good experience with boosters as well as a lot of gold

Now if you want to maximize some of these farms, less efficient but gold richer farms would include:F.) World Completion for additional Gifts of ExplorationG.) Fractals/dungeons with a fast group

Additionally you could also just do spvp and wvw and use tomes gained if you don't want to fret to much about exp gain and farming.

EDIT:Remember that Dessa's Experiment Journal (costs 35 frelics and 10s) will also yeild 1 spirit shard, thus you can effectively double dip when doing fractals.

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