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New Elite Specialization idea,


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For Elementalist's next elite specialization, I really love the idea of something stealth-oriented. I think a cool idea would be like a mist-themed stealthy profession. Think of mist form; disappearing in a cloud of mist and surprising your opponent with watery doom! For weapon? I don't know, maybe sword or torch offhand? Focus mainhand? I just want like an elemental thief sort of thing. Maybe call is the Vapormancer, Hydromancer, The Vaporblade. Something like that.

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That's not a bad idea per se. It might be enough to create a true duellist spec.

Though I wouldn't focus it on water when fire can put smoke on the table, air and water have mist and earth have dust cloud. All of those tools can indeed be related to stealth and blind. I'd go with torch off-hand, I think it's fitting. As for the name, maybe mistwalker or fleetingcloud.

So let's see, we would have:

  • Base attunment untouched.
  • F5: make you enter stealth for 3-4s with a 20-25s CD.
  • Torch grant you access to smoke field (fire), a stealth skill (air), soothing clouds (water) and aoe blind (earth)
  • A few movement utility skills with leap combo (which will thus synergize well with most weapon kit)
  • Traits that improve F5/grant bonus when revealed.
  • ... etc.

Well there is more than enough possibility to create something good.

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