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[NA] Tarnished Coast LF PvP/PvX Guild


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I'm a GW1 vet since 2006 and I have been playing GW2 on and off since beta. I'm used to being in very tight-knit active guilds, but can't seem to scratch that itch here. I'm looking for a guild that is fairly dedicated as I play daily and don't really consider myself casual. Since coming back to the game, I've had the pleasure of doing raids and t4 fractals, but I'm looking to do more raiding and actually find a static to clear weekly. I've done some training runs for W4, but in many cases, we get to Deimos and wipe over and over 'cause the tank and hand kite mess up. And it's always the same week in and out in my current guild. There's really no sense of progression as the roster changes with the weather. I main DPS Dragonhunter, but I can easily gear up other classes if needed. I'd also like to find people to tackle CMs with as I've not had any experience with that, but complete t4's pretty much daily. I really enjoy sPvP as well and would not be opposed to trying to be more active in WvW. I play ranked daily, but don't really step foot in WvW 'cause I can't find a guild that cares about it. Maybe it's the server? My main goals are finding a raid static, finding a good group to bond with, learning, helping others improve, and improving my abilities too. I'm EST and I play most days from 6pm - 11pm and a lot more on the weekends.

PM me in-game if you think I might be a good fit. My account name is same as forum name. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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