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Musical instruments intended to be patched again?


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So with the original adjustments that were made to the instruments on the 26th and the relatively recent patch fixing some of the original adjustments, instruments still don’t work quite as well as they did prior to the 26th update(they still cause scripts to stutter and playing by hand is problematic when playing with fast octave changes.) . Is there any idea whether this is the new norm for instruments, or is anet intending to restore them back to their pre-26th functionality?

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I realize this may not get much attention as musicians are a fairly small subset of the GW2 community, but the current state of instruments is a big deal to us.

Full disclosure, I'm one of the more prolific creators of these scripts, and I really enjoy making sharing and playing them. But I'm certainly not going to bother creating new material if it can't actually be played, so I'm taking a bit of time away from it for now.

Hopefully the recent changes were an unfortunate error and an untimely one at that. (Who doesn't enjoy playing music at Wintersday?) Even the most mildly complicated script is a train wreck and even manual players are struggling. It's sad.

Now if this is working as intended they should've just said "we don't want you to make scripts". That's fine, I'll deal, but let us know. The general consensus in the music community is that it is welcome and there are years-old posts to that effect from ArenaNet employees.

From a functionality standpoint, note skills should have minimal cool downs (not zero, to avoid spamming notes), and octave skills should have as low a cool down as is programmatically possible. The cool downs prior to this recent change were limiting, but manageable. The current ones are a complete mess.

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