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Feedback about Collections' UI and Objectives


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Recently logged in after a busy semester to complete more of A Star to Guide Us. I 100% completed the map; it was a joy. I started doing some achievements that had me engaging with events and story instances in interesting ways. I explored more of Sun's Refuge, really appreciating all the detailed and meaningful conversations. I began the Elegy collection, remembering that I had heard it lead to the new armor set. The collection started off great, with some poignant writing. My first thought was, this is cool; it's basically a quest. But, in the first few steps, I realized that the game's UI is cumbersome and gets in the way of telling the story. The player's next objective needs to be clearer in the diegesis; with collections, the player has to return to the nondiegetic achievement panel to find the next objective. UI of the achievement panel is itself cumbersome and immersion breaking; it looks like a big huge to do list. It's like flipping to the next page in a book, but you can see the first sentence of each page in the book. There's a reason this isn't common in literature: it's harder to tell a good story if the framework is all laid out for the player. But, further, when I reached the objective to find the sad sunspear's superior, I thought to look around sun's refuge, before wondering what I was doing wrong. Then, I wiki searched the name of the sunspear. He was tucked away somewhere in Jahai bluffs. The game seems to be sending the message: don't complete the story organically just use a guide. The intended gameplay loop seems to be wiki searching for the sunspear superior's name, and then, waypointing to his location. Clearly, trying to take in the story, completing the collection without a guide, was a stupid waste of my time. Please, in the future, design the game so I don't need to constantly wiki things to complete clearly narrative based collections. It completely kills the immersion and destroyed any desire I had to complete it. Further, significant updates to the UI of the collections panel are needed to make it feel more immersive; ground the collections in the diegesis.

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