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Unbalanced matchups


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Before anything, please don't delete this and tank you.People have been crying about the unbalanced matchups for kitten forever, don't tell me you don't see a problem. Also, "Alliances" might not be the solution since time zone activity is not considered.PLEASE decrease the number of tiers and/or faster relinks.

Dear Mr. One WvW Dev, @Raymond Lukes.6305Consider my suggestion. Merry Christmas and thank you.

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I think one of the main draws in any competitive game mode is to have a ranking system for the things that matter.We are currently ranked via servers/tiers but server loyalty and competitiveness died a long time ago.

Currently most hardcore players feel an allegiance to their guilds more than anything else (unfortunately even guilds are dying out).And guilds are the main driving force for mass activity in WvW.No tag = no action.I think it would be most useful to have an objective system that ranks guilds instead of alliances that can shift and change every match-up.

Like recently there was this thread by a guild ranking the top 10 best guilds in NA for 2018.I think it helps to have the system do a more objective ranking instead.I'm not sure how or if this can be done though...Maybe ranking a guild based on ppt, kdr, activity etc.?

There was also IIRC this talk from anet? or players? that there was going to be a 10 vs 10 or 15 vs 15 mode introduced for GvG fights.

I think giving the players/guilds a clearer objective to fight for goes a long way in attracting/retaining players.Right now the server/tier ranking is really just not good enough.

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  1. Anet can't do faster re-links, or don't want because the cost & manpower involved.
  2. Without time zone considered into "balancing" during re-links, all this "balancing" means nothing, it's just a way to force you to transfer or take a break from GW2. This re-linking is killing the game faster than anything before, because not everyone is willing to transfer to find activity (and there is none in some match-ups after these re-links)
  3. Reducing tiers may not look as a solution either (for their experts), because they are working with playing hours data, that shows things "balanced" or evenly distributed.

WvW needs a decent sized dev team and resources (money and dev time), before anything could improve. The very few who are keeping this game mode barely alive can't do more. There is a need of new and far better statistics (that includes time zone, skill level and contribution efficiency to both PPK & PPT), and a balancing based on these. There is a need for a detailed leader-board for players, guilds and servers, to motivate long term contribution. There is a need for the alliance system and also a rewarding system that encourages sticking with a world, even when losing. There is a need for a system that remembers contributions, and won't feel pointless to do anything. And then all that could be turned into a real competition, after lots of tweaking and improving.

All these won't happen with current focus on PvE Living Story and whatever else, and GW2 needs to survive as a business, so they do what they are better at (and that isn't WvW/RvR design). So unless there will be a new management, a new vision, and maybe money coming from somewhere else, to be turned into the WvW system, not much will change. Just enjoy the little bit that is left, and invest in games that hopefully have or will have a better RvR system. Maybe one day such a game will come.

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