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Max luck issure

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There is no indication of a solution forthcoming, I would not expect there to be one until enough people were to max luck (I suspect the proportion is miniscule right now) and even then, well such things are often meant to be finite so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't add a solution in.

The easiest solutions seem like a luck eater or a direct conversion to karma

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@"EthanLightheart.9168" said:When can we assume a solution for people having luck maxed out and no use for the hoarding amount of luck we sill get from salvage?

We cannot assume that ANet will ever address this in any way, shape, or form.

ANet has stated that they realize there's an issue, but they (a) don't have a good solution in mind and (b) don't think it's a priority (or at least, they have no current plans to address it). The problem is that they intended from the start that people don't have to feel pressure to choose between future, hard-to-measure benefits (magic find) and immediate gratification (a 'use' for luck). Further, MF has had a huge impact on the economy since the introduction of unID gear and increasing it will have predictably negative effects (plus some trickier-to-predict results).

Finally, more than a few people delete (and have deleted) their excess luck. Imagine the outcry if there were suddenly something useful that could be done with luck.

Consequently, there's no easy solution.

As I've suggested in the 2 dozen or so other threads, ANet could offer some stop-gap work-arounds:

  • New sizes of craftable luck. Currently, essences come in sizes of 10, 50, 100, & 200 that we can craft, plus a 500-unit essence that we can't. Imagine if we had "drips of luck" of e.g. 2500, 5000, 10k, & 20k.
  • Make a definitive statement: "we have no plans, but if we ever do, we'll take into account already-consumed luck past the current maximum."
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