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Beetle racing daily month ending.... when?


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@Ashantara.8731 said:

To encourage aspiring racers to pick up the reins, daily roller beetle racing achievements will be available from November 27 to December 25.

That's for the
, obviously. The race tracks are still there to stay. Don't know why the dailies are still active.

I know. You specifically said dailies were here to stay, so in case you were u aware, I posted that quote. I know the tracks and achievements are staying.

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@Etria.3642 said:Wait they removed the achievements? #!$$::#!@ I was waiting until a less busy time of year to do them.

They didn't remove the achievements. The races aren't required to earn them and never were.Achievements →Side Stories →Roller Beetle Racing

The 'achievements' in the daily category offered no AP, just the tokens, which is the part that was included as temporary from the get go.

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