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[GUIDE] Fractals for Beginners


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What are Fractals ?

 Fractals are like dungeons. Except that Fractals have 100 levels from 1 to 100 (Pleonasm ! ) With a difficulty that increases with the levels. Fractals are divided into 4 named levels from T1 to T4. In T1, we have the fractals from 1 to 25 and in T2, we have the fractals 26 to 50. Then, in T3, there are the fractals from 51 to 75 and then to finish at T4, the fractals from 76 to 100. There is also Ad Infinitum and CM for Fractals 99 and 100. These are more complex and are not recommended for beginners !

What is AR (Agony Resistance) ?

 When you are at fractal level 20 or higher, you will need a statistic called "Agony Resistance". It is essential to the success of fractals, especially at high level ! So remember to keep your infusions !

What does the Fractals bring ?

     Here, it's very simple: either the Fractals bring you gold coins by farming with Fractal Encodings (the Chests you win in boss loot) where you have to buy keys to a robot NPC (It is also possible to have keys on the bosses or in other Fractal Encodings ! ), or that gives you mainly chests with the "Daily Fractals". Finally, it remains the essential thing and that you should have more often: the points of achievements !

Have you ever made a fractal ? You do not know anything ? Do not want to get kicked ? Not the stuff ? You do not manage your character yet ?

     This is not a problem ! T1 Fractals are relatively simple and it is often carry. After all, we all had to start a moment or another !

Here are the appropriate card strategies for those who want to begin the adventure into fractals !

VolcanicWhen you arrive, you will have to kill a lot of evil Grawls to advance. Once this is done, you will have to continue along the path on fire (WARNING to the burning rocks that may make you fall into shock !). You will come to face a Champion Shaman Grawl with a shield. To remove his shield, you must simply recover stones that fall from landslides and throw them on the shield of this Shaman Grawl. But you should not let the other Grawls go because if all villagers die, you have no chance to survive ! Then, continue attacking the Shaman Grawl and defeat it. Finally, you will arrive at the last boss that corresponds to the transmuted Shaman. Here, you must first attack the boss. When it is 75%, 50% and 25% of life, it will activate a shield and go sacrifice a Villager if you do not destroy his shield fastly (just attack to destroy it). At the same time he will summon a big number Lava Elementals that I advise you to clear quickly. If all the Villagers die, you will get OS. Last thing: the craters sometimes activate and become AOE lava so be careful !

UnclassifiedIn this fractal, ~~ a little ~~ a lot of jumping puzzle. In this asura unknown structure, you will face harpies and a jumping puzzle, so get ready to jump. Once at the top, destroy the power generator. Then, you will have to face the Champion Bunny (said like that, it's not scary, but it hurts for a Rabbit !). Will follow a fight against Ettin Champion and a Shaman of the Flame Legion (The Ettin is doing a lot of damage and will know cc you but he is slow while the Shaman will put his AOE on fire but will not be able to do much damage to you). After that, you will have to avoid electrical zones caused by security inventions. You can disable them for others once reached. After, you will have the golem "Big Tom" to face. You must activate both switches (left and right) with Dwayna Tears (except the ventilator) to activate the ventilator that will remove the poison permanent. Then all you have to do is make sure it stays on to control Gros Tom (watch out for his whirwindlol with his arms !) and beat him. Then, another jp with harpies to finish against an asura and his 4 Golems Cats. Cats Golems are easy to beat, because you face them 1 by 1, but once all defeated, they will all wake up and come to 4 on you, it gets more complicated but it is done quietly and effectively.

BlindsnowFirst Part : Collect wood to fuel the bonfire long enough to successfully bring down the Ice Wall. Beware of Wolves, Sons of Svanir and especially Ice Elementals quite disturbing ! Second Part : It will have to reproduce the same thing but with 5 fires and a boss named "Elemental Source" to knock down. Activate more fires than possible to down his resistance (you will always have some warm visitors obviously ...) ! Final Part : Run to the last boss to start the fight! Once you're at the boss, destroying the ice crystals in the corners is important ! Afterwards, the boss will fall back and will be helped by other mobs that you will have to kill (WARNING : AOE, run and dodge !). He will do this in several phases and in the last phase, he will have little HP and will trigger his Svanir form (Giant Bear) and become stronger than before, so hurry up and kill him !

Urban BattlegroundYou play as a member of the Flame Legion and have to face the Ascalonians. The first thing to do is to challenge the Siege Master (destroying the oil cauldrons above and the triggerfishs right in front). So beware of all the AOE provoked, you must get rid of it, after he will have to get the Master of the Seat out and break the door. A few waves of sweeping mobs follow to go to the boss's area and let a Flame Legion Shaman perform a ritual while you defend him. After, the Captain will appear and the fight will be engaged (he summons mobs and blocks often, watch out!). So cc is the key to success on this boss.

SwampFor this particular fractal, you will be in a sort of labyrinth of the jungle. The objective is to recover 3 Wisps at the same time (there are traps under your feet that will slow you down :wink: ) but don't be so long take into account the fact that taking the wisps change the paths of the labyrinth ! But it's not over, once you have opened the way, a big ***** not happy named will show up and fight you by invoking wolves. Once you're done with him, you'll go to the final boss : Carnasse is invincible if you do not attack him in the green zone. When he gets 75% and 50%, he will fall back and make sure that these waves of mobs attack you. Flowers will pop after (they cause poison AOE), but they are easy to kill. Then when Carnasse is 25%, you and your team will have 30 seconds to put the 4 Wisps on the pillars otherwise, bye bye everyone and OS ! If you succeed (a little responsiveness and it goes ^ ^), Carnasse will be vulnerable and will bring back his monsters, but there you can attack anywhere (not necessarily in the green zone) and you have just to finish the fight !

Cliff SideSo here, it is against a sect that we will fight ! TKill the servants and the generator easily for after accessing the top and breaking the seals by delivering the giant ! For this, you will have to pick up a Fanatic Hammer that will feed by killing the Fanatics, then the spell 4 will allow you to destroy the seals one by one. You must do this almost all the time and when there will be 2 seals at the same time to destroy, it is necessary each time to alternate between right and left because the Fanatics repop and regen the seals. Once you are in front of the boss, you will have to attack him and do the same things with the Hammer at 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%. In the later stages, avoid the AOE that teleports you into the jails (you just have to do damage the prison to go out when you're inside and you can join the rest of your group). When the boss is dead, use the hammer to destroy the seal and triumph !

Aquatics RuinsIn this fractal of water, smash the Kraits and give freedoom for the fishermen ! After, you will have to continue your way (look your mini-map to know where to go or otherwise, follow the others) to cross the path of the nocturnal plants (or the dolphins, that depends on the fractal levels). For the plants, you must have a light on to pass quietly, otherwise you will be in the form of dolphin and you will have to manage to go to the boss without being captured. When you are at the Medusa (last boss), warning to her electric cc and mobs invoked, don't be static if possible then kill that monster !

Underground ComplexHere, it will be necessary to activate doors protected by mobs, you will have to put your characters on switches. After that, there will be 2 switches that will open the door. You must stay on the switches while a person will activate the door mechanism. Then finally, go to access the last boss by attracting him (by the bindings) under the buckets of lava to inflict him a max of damages ! Someone has to activate the button to run the lava up.

Molten FurnaceExplore the installations with Rox and Braham ! It's very simple at the beginning, you follow, you break everything and you place rocks on the bottom of each place so that the mechanical top advances. Après, encore des vagues de mobs (free kill !!! XD). After, still waves of mobs (free kill !!! XD). Then, we go on a fusion weapons test where you have to break a fusion core (basically, you have to avoid AOE, avoid shock waves by jumping and hit the stone). Finally, the boss will come back and you just have to down him.

Molten BossThe strategy is simple: go for it and attack ! Finally last boss (which are actually 2 bosses at the same time), you will have to kill the berserker that will make shock waves and big damage while the mechanical boss fire storm will make AOE of fire. Once a boss is defeated, the entire group will be resurrected to kill the last boss.

ChaosIn this challenging fractal (as the name suggests ^^), you will have to do a quick jp before landing against an anomaly and Golems. Before the anomaly, you will have single Golems to beat then other Golems to 75%, 50% and 25% of the boss. Golems must be killed to continue the boss fight. After, you will have to beat the Anomaly and then chase on lights to light (tentacles station ... yes it makes think of something but I will not say ^^). Finally, the Gladiator will face you, there it will be a platform game where you have to put the Gladiator without AOE to remove his shield and avoid them (obviously, you must avoid the AOE !). The AOE of the platforms will change locations depending on the boss's life and that pillars will cause Shockwaves when the boss begins to be weak ! That's it, for the Chaos fractal.

EtherbladeWith the inspector Ellen Kiel, we will have to destroy the villains asura, thwart the mechanisms by paying attention to the platforms that appear on the path of the purple zones then disable by killing mobs and activating the switches. After, you will have to pass the electric rays by being several at the same time to activate other switches. It's not over because you will have the task of killing mobs after and pass to get against Frizz the boss and his Golems. You will have to kill the Golems by avoiding that they profit from being invulnerable thanks to the electric walls that move. More the fight progresses, more it will be complicated and more golems will arrive. Once all Golems are dead, it will be good. Remember to put yourself on the crates to avoid the electric wall.

Thaumanova ReactorThere are many things to do in this fractal where you play asura of the Inquest. Already, you have to kill the Subject # 6, a boss who regens if the Limons get too close to him (they will sacrifice, heal and explode against you). If you hit the boss too many times during his block build, he will send you back all the damage to the head and you OS if you continue (20 stacks = MAX MASSACRE ALERT). Afterwards, you remove the defiance bar (cc) and you kill it for after saving searchers and destroying doors. Also, go to the labyrinth disable the pillars at the same time to recover glyphs that you activate as a shield in the fire zone to activate the 2 switches (it takes 2 people) and thus complete the work. After, you will face Thaumanova's anomaly. You will have a new skill through the ")" , which will allow you a hexagon does not disappear because the boss makes depop pieces of puzzle temporarily. If you fall, you die, so kill him before he kills you !

Twilight OasisYou play as a loyal Palawa Joko and must murder all the Sun Spearmen you see. Once you are in the first fight against Amala, attack as much as you can until she folds and you have access to the special skill ")". Then climb with this new skill and get rid of the mobs. Then finally, last boss who is the High Priestess Amala. Shewill often change phase and appearance in connection with the 5 human gods (No Kormir phase). At each phase change, you will need the CC before a deadly AOE to chain the fight by briefly killing a faithful of a God according to the phase. You do this every time by avoiding AOE and attacking. You can dodge with V or the special skill ! Here are details of the phases of the final fight against Amala : In the first phase, she will be in the form of Lyssa and put portals that will infuse you with confusion if you put yourself in, they are purple AOE on the ground. But she will also have countless illusions in her service, remember to use the TAB key to find where is the true shape of Amala by looking at the portrait then think about doing Ctrl T to help your group know where is the real Amala. After you have to attack her until it gets ready to make a powerful AOE and it is at that moment that it will be necessary because it will activate the blue defiance bar. Then, you will have to leave and look at the mini-map to find out where the Priestess of Lyssa is to kill (The special skill used with the ")" key will allow you to access it. Know that you only have 30 seconds to beat it. Following this, Amala will trigger her 2nd form, that of Melandru, the one where she will be in Sylvari with a terrestrial elementary. Here, no illusions but earthquakes caused all around her often online and scattered as the tent elementary to immobilize you. Here, just pack yourself in the middle right next to the boss to easily avoid the AOE. On the other hand, you will have to use the special skill given by Palawa Joko with the ")" key when it is preparing for a big attack which is detected by the presence of a circle right in front of it and which is preparing to be filled . You can also try to spam this skill for less risk but warning ! :smiley: Once this phase is over, continue to cc and still look at the map to move while going to kill another priestess: that of Melandru is in the shape of heart-of-oak.Now, Amala is going to put herself in Dwayna's form during the 3rd phase. Often the hardest phase, you will need to be careful not to be blue lines that do enormous damage. In general, these blue lines are AOE in straight lines and diagonally of it, 6 are distributed among them. You will also need to avoid the mystic wave that inflicts massive damage with Palawa Joko's special skill (dodge can work but is much more risky, especially if you're not a Thief). Furthermore, Amala will put circles under your feet that will inflict so many alterations that you will not survive if you do not move. To avoid them, it's very simple, run and move your characters do not be stoic! Circles must follow you without them touching you. When you have succeeded, it will be as before cc and kill the Priestess, that of Dwayna this time. Then, the 4th phase, that of Grenth, the zone will be divided in several zones and if you try to pass in force, you will have the Fear in alteration, so to change place and pass the barriers of Grenth, only the competence of Palawa Joko will help you. It will also help you avoid its whirlwind with the scythe. Of course, you continue to attack, for cc and kill the Priestess of Grenth. We finally arrive at the last phase, that of Balthazar, do not forget to dodge the big fire explosions and always use the special skill. This phase will require much more effort to the healer of the group so stay pack (or stack if you prefer) a maximum because it will be the moment to hurt the boss as quickly as possible ! Finally, (if you have survived), remake the same things for the boss and go off to finish the Priestess of Balthazar. But beware, the Priestess of Balthazar is much more protected, you will kill others first and you will have as much time as the other Priestesses for this fight, that is to say 30 seconds only ! For this reason, classes with powerful AOE like the Necromancer (Scourge) are very effective (another example: Guard Trap). If you really managed to get there, all the Priestesses will be killed and Amala will be in a weak position, so it will be the moment to annihilate her once and for all !!!

Mai TrinHere you go directly to the boss after taking care of some disturbing mobs. The objective is to make sure that Mai Trin is placed in the electrical zones. These protection charges will decrease from 10 to 0 and at 75% you will have to avoid AOE by attacking Horrik and retreating. These phases are repeated at 50% and 25%. Bomb icons will appear on your characters, if they are yellow bombs, it's just an AOE that will inflict a massive attack in one shot that will have to dodge. So remember to get away and look good. But,if the bomb is purple, once the bomb is released (this will happen automatically after a while), it will trigger an electric AOE weakening Mai Trin. So, make sure that Mai Trin places herself in this electrical zone so that she is more vulnerable. Once that is done, the Second Horrik Champion will take his place and inflict a lot of AOE from everywhere and you must dodge (AOE often do the same way). Remember that it will take care of some mobs, Grenadiers launch mortal Grenades, favor their death before the others ! You will have to weaken the Second Horrik Champion. Then, it will be exactly the same up to 50% with the electric AOE then the Second Horrik with the mobs and AOE massive. Still up to 25%, except that by the time you return to the mobs to kill, there will be veterans and elites (Warning: This is about the high-level strategy, low level, it is possible that these elite mobs or even veterans are not present). Privilege veterans and consider using Ctrl T to keep the same target and pack you in a group. Finally, it will be the last phase where Mai Trin will be totally vulnerable ! Start by finally killing the Second Horrik to finish the job by defeating Mai Trin ! :wink:

Solid OceanOK, so the mobs are useless, so you have to pass them. After, you arrive at the boss "Jadebud", where you will have to take care of the tentacles (yes I know ... I know ... XD). After, kill the mobs to down, mobs will repop too (and take crystals too when you can (FOCUS BOSS when you throw it !!!)). The crystals permite to you to escape to the damages of the big laser but if after throwing them, the health points of the boss decrease ! But nothing more interesting.

NightmaresThis is not the dream this fractal (very funny ...) ! Well, more seriously, you get into the fractal, and you're going to have to kill mechanical abominations. Once the mobs released, the boss will appear. No particular strategy here apart from avoiding his big poison zone towards his end of life and also getting under the shield for all bosses. Then, we will have to capture points by avoiding red balls of agony. We go on a wooden path (think to dodge because the AOE arrive massively and very quickly), you can disable the AOE after. We continue with Siax The Impure, the objective is to attack him and cc him quickly before he swings his AOE with the giant ball (otherwise all OS !). After, he summons mobs that explode if they are too close to you and a few AOE ! After, we redo the same, we cc, we attack and we win ! To finish on this fractal, we attack the last boss Ensolyss. At first, it seems easy until he gets healed. After serious things start, he will have to dodge and when he charges. After, 5 Orbs will appear, you will have to capture them (if all the orbs are captured, all the dead are instant rez). We do it again up to 50% and 25% then finally, you must stay in the Shield and avoid the hallucinations that will try to make you fall (Stability has a major role here ! ).

Shattered ObservatoryDuring the 1st boss, you will just have to avoid AOE up to 66%. Then follow the arrows and hurry to beat the anomalies before the boss's fatal AOE ! You do it again up to 33% and it will be the same ! When the life of the 1st boss will be weak, be careful, because he will become more powerful and getting closer to him could cost you your life ! After, we move on to the exercise of bizarre inventions to kill. Afterwards, you will have to bounce an agate (white areas) to continue your way. Then, we go to Viirastra who will invoke AOE from everywhere (sometimes if it makes you doomed, go under the black dome to avoid the wipe). When fighting Viirastra, it will always be willing to dodge with V or special skill and especially someone or 2 people will take care of the bouncing balls to activate the defiance bar of Viirastra and cc. During the 66% and 33% phases, Viirastra invokes lures that will be needed to cc to continue the fight (if you finish this part with a dead person in your team, (s)he will automatically rez). Then, beat her. Finally, we arrive at Arkk, a boss who does not move too much. Here, avoid his AOE lines and AOE red balls (we see the red balls above him before the launch). After, take care of the solar flowering, you will have to destroy all the pillars (1 FLOWERING BY PILLAR OR OS !!!) before making you OS by a mortal explosion. When you succeed, you must at all costs cc Arkk before he swings a giant ball. Also think that Ark will invoke monsters to help him and will leave a few times, it gives you time to be healed. Après, les floraisons seront vers les phases 75%, 50%, 25%. After, the blooms will be towards the 75%, 50%, 25% phases. Finally, when Arkk has a low life, he may blow up some boxes of the platform, if you fall, you will be TP and will have to land thanks to the special skill (otherwise you will die by fall ! ). Then, you will have just to kill him.

Abyss RockThis fractal has many paths and you will have to help treasure hunters to discover treasures in an old abandoned dwarf city. You will have to feed an orb as you pass by killing the bosses. For starters, the first boss will be an air sentry similar to an elemental. It performs mass damage by swinging bombs / AOE, so think about dodging them ! Otherwise, you simply have to attack the boss to kill him without a particular strategy. Once the boss is done, you'll have to hurry to kill the Spider Queen (queen of broods) in less than 3 minutes to get an achievement. o do so, you will have to take a path where there are nests of spiders, spiders to kill and especially winds allowing you to catch you if you are propelled by the wind lines on the way. To disable this, it will be necessary that all the green circles are deactivated, for that, it is very simple, it is just necessary that a person stays on each circle having a mark until the total deactivation. After this finished path, you will have to attack the "Genitarians", elite mobs to then make appear the 2nd boss (Queen Spider). Towards 50% of life, she will regenerate a little and for a few seconds, you will automatically deselect. You can resume the fight soon after. After your victory, you return to the orb and you gain a special Light skill with the ")" key. This skill will serve you directly after during the Minotaur's fight, you will need to use this skill near him so that the Minotaur is vulnerable and is in the light zone otherwise he will not suffer any damage. Obviously, there will be mobs that hang out as always. Once the area is cleared, there will be some sort of jumping puzzle that you will have to bring up through the light skill. Go to the end without falling and killing ennemies. When it's done done, you'll go to the last boss (Voice). If you know about the Shattered Observatory and Arkk's strategy (the last boss), it's just the same delusion with one exception ! To make this boss, you will have to avoid falling platforms that disappear (there is a blue and black area on the squares that indicate that it is going away, watch out for the bombs too that you saw on you or the red lines affecting you. There are orange lines meaning that the boss will attack and make disappear several squares). Here, the squares will not reappear automatically, it is up to your group to use the light skill for nearby platforms to come back ! If you do not fall during the fight and beat the boss, you will have again an achievement. Then the fractal is over, but you can make the achievement of the 10 chests to find before you leave. If it is enough that the group has found everything in total at least once to validate the success, no need that everyone has necessarily found the 10 or that a person must find everything ! Last thing : Green circles should be disabled but some green circles like blue orbs are tp once some bosses defeated ! :smile:

That's it, I hope you've read (even if it's long ^^) and I hope too it will be useful ! :smiley:

Obviously, it's still a beginner's guide but the biggest things to learn is in it. For the moment, I do not mention too much the "Singularity of Mist", the LFG, Ad Infinitum or the CM and I still try to evoke the relative strategies and associated with the T1 because in T4, strategies are different. :smile:

This guide is a translation of my french guide ( URL here : https://fr-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/1548/guide-debuter-les-fractales/p1 ). The translation is possibly not perfect, so please help me to do a better translation and put a comment to say to me if it will be better to change some words ! Ty for reading all ! Bye ! :blush:

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I did it ! XDNormally, you have all strats of all maps ! :)If you want a guide for fractals HL, it's already done on the french forum, so I think, I will maybe translate it too to put it here, we'll see.For the moment, I hope a lot of people will see this guide and that it will be useful because I took time to create it and for the translation too. ^_^

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I link the URL (french forum) of the guide of fractals HL : https://fr-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/3025/Normally, this is the guide which will be translated and with the URL you can have a "preview". ^^

If others persons are here, please read the guide and put a comment if it is necessary to change some words or others things. :smiley:

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@"Hoerwolle.5468" said:it's not "Unclassified", it is "unCATegorized" - the name is there for a reason ;) If I find the time I'll check more thouroughly for spelling etc

And thanks for the guide, I am a returning player and in urgent need of a refresh :)

Oh ok ty for the information. ^^

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