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Match Making

Crab Fear.1624

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the team mate spread is too far. team average versus team average is bad because this is not a "team" game.

it's randos grouped together with maybe a duo.

the spread between teamies shouldnt be any greater than ....rando number...100.

then teams wouldnt have top ten player 3 v1 ing nublets


make those hight level players wait

literally you are feeding lower level players...that is HUGE no no...c'mon, you know these things

spark interest in all areas of you game.

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Been going on for years, ever since the top 1-10%? complained of 1 hour ques. Matchmaking has been pretty much rng.

As one anet dev mentioned, the longer you wait in que, the higher chance their algorithm grabs people further and further away from your own personal rating. '

I do remember having ques of 15-20 minutes at max as an average player (mostly 3-5 mins back when ESL was still a thing). So the trade off is quality of matches.

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