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Beetle Racing Daily will it return?

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Hello!The Beetle racing daily is gone, it was the main source to get the medallions to buy more tracks for guild hall.I am wondering will the Beetle Racing daily return after the winners of the real life prizes are announced? Maybe they took the daily for beetle racing down temporarily to not complicate the calculating of the winner of the prizes? It is sad to see the daily gone. I could get one race track piece for my guild hall per day through doing the daily and I would really like to see it return.

Also If you have a race track built in your guild hall post in the comments! I would like to visit and try it out. :DI currently have a few ramps which are fun and you're welcome to visit.

Also QOL idea....maybe we could have an option to purchase even if it's just 1 or it cost a lot of medallions a way to place a rent a beetle NPC in the guild hall? I have tons of friends that don't have the beetle and I would like to show them my ramps I have built but they don't have beetle to have fun.

This is my first forum post....Thank you ArenaNet for creating an amazing fun game!! :D

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I too hope that dailies will return.. however I hope they are fixed on the time trails instead of the race events..

I spent a lot of time this last month waiting for races to start for dailies.. (literally did them every single day) and towards the last couple weeks I was starting to get very.. very tired of waiting for them >.<

While i'm at it.. please fix the race reward for Brisban.. it's the only race event that doesn't give token rewards for some reason (I suspect a bug)

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