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Racing Medallions erased from wallet

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(I didn't see anything already mentioned about this in the KIT or current forum posts.)

Just now, in Diessa, I was participating in a Roller Beetle Timed Trial, while simultaneously signed up for a race.During the RBR event, this would normally mean that I'd receive whatever chests were normal for the Timed Trial, plus 3 extra medallions for signing up for the race.Today, however, when the race ended, all my existing medallions were erased from my wallet. Then I had the 3 from the race deposited.I've already submitted a bug report in game. I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience.

EDIT: I noticed that when you talk with the Race Master, you receive a "Track Counter" status. When you speak to the Time Trial person, that effect appears to be removed. However, I was still somehow "signed up" for the race, despite not having any status showing.

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