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[Another mesmer balance suggestion thread] Mostly about traits


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Last patch ( 11/12/2018) on guildwars 2 hit mesmers boon share capabilities fairly well to a point where core mesmer cant do this properly as it used to. This trait and utlity adjustments thread will be mainly about support based traits and some utilities.

ChaosBountiful Disillusionment: This skill used to give same boons mesmer can give him/her self on allies same duration mesmer had. Which could go over 15+sec. Last patch removed its aoe boon share while crippling mesmers boonshare capabilities quiate a bit without any utility used. The change to this skill could be return back aoe boonshare for a fixed duration that can't be changed with concentration.

İnspirationHealing Prism: Fairly simple trait that allows mesmer to heal allies on 300 radius with a 10 second cooldown when mesmer heals him/her self while having some healing power through power stats. Removing the cooldown of this skill could allow mesmers support capabilities.
İllusionary İnspiration: A skill that heals mesmer and allies around whenever a clone/phantasm is summoned. Having the exact same passive of ether signet while adding heal on allies on it. Max amount of heal it can give is changes between 300-350 with alot of healing power ( around 900-1200). İncreased healing would make this trait more viable for being a grandmaster trait.

ChronomancerFlow of time(alacrity) and seize the moment(quickness): whenever chronomancer casts a shatter skill it gives said boons. Since last patch mesmers boon share capabilities have been removed drastically, giving allies said boons when shatters would be an improvement change. To make it more balanced, only 1 stack of boon should be given to the allies from the mesmer which durations are chagned between 1 - 2 seconds.

Utilitiesportal entre: either increasement of its 30 second placement cd or reducing its 72 second total cooldown. This way it would make portal both more active skill (rather than a left and be forgotton until needed) and considering mesmer movement speed to reach a destination, would be a better improvement. ( pvp and pve based suggestion)

mimic: reducing the cooldown of used utility by half to make it : mimics 40 sec cd + used utilites cd/2. Since last patch heavily nerfed this utility by removing it from being affected by continuumsplit shatter from chronomancer and increasing its cooldown overall.

Well of recall and action: make them give their respective boons per tick rather than just end of the 3rd pulse.

Mirage Advance: This may be the only biased comment i'll make but this skill is just thiefs infiltrators strike copy pasted to mirage with little tweak with much higher cooldown along with longer casting time. Just rework the the utilty.

WeaponsAxes of symmetry: Reducement of mirage's confusion 6 stack of confusion application to 2 while increasing clones confusion application to 2. This will make this skill more reliant on having clones rather than allowing mesmer to deal alot of condi damage without any clones present.

For other axe skills i don't have any ideas but reducing their torment damage a little bit could balance them without being very hard hitting skills on condi based builds. (mostly about pvp and wvw )

All the support based changes are made to not remove mesmer boonshare capabilities as whole while not making it a boonshop with usage of sigil of inspiration. These changes would also allowing mesmer more build diversity in all game modes while not making chronosupport as powerful as it was in pve before last patch. Thank you for reading and any feedback is appracieted.

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