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Trade Tome of Knowledges for Experience Scrolls.

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As a WvW player i have alot of Tome of Knowledges (multiple stacks).Every week i use them for a black lion key run.

When standing in lion arch or other mayor maps there are alot of people popping Tomes. They make an annoying visual image for everybody else.For saving inventory space and less clicking and not being annoying when leveling it would be nice to trade Tome of Knowledges for Experience Scrolls.

This can be put in mystic forge vendor because there already a Tome of Knowledges tab.

Experience Scroll (level 20) -> 20 TomesExperience Scroll (level 30) -> 30 TomesExperience Scroll (level 40) -> 40 TomesExperience Scroll (level 50) -> 50 TomesExperience Scroll (level 60) -> 60 Tomes

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