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[NA][WvW/PvE] Blackgate native looking for friendly guild :)


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Hello everyone! I'm looking to become part of a guild and I am located in NA, CST.

I have played Gw2 on and off since around oh.. 2015? I have 388 hours played over 1074 days so.. yea pretty inconsistent.

When I came over to GW2 I was coming from ArcheAge, and the difference was incredibly hard to adjust to. In ArcheAge, gear was of the utmost importance for end-game. Farming it, crafting it, buying it, upgrading it, enhancing it... etc. When I reached end-game in GW2 I started doing some research and noticed that everyone says the game is playable in its entirety with the exotic gear you can get from karma vendors. This was offputting for me and as such instead of playing the game and learning the ins and outs of end-game, I found my little hovel in WvW and stayed there for pretty much.. ever. Until a few days ago, I had only done the Main Story, the HoT story and WvW with the exception of a few dungeons when I was leveling my first character.

After about a 6 month period of playing every MMO under the sun and not being satisfied, I recalled how much fun I had playing GW2 and decided to return. This time, however, I've decided I really want to branch out from WvW and do other things in the game.

So far i've managed to:Level 5 characters to 80, my 6th is at 55. (80 Ranger(SB) 80 Thief(Deadeye) 80 Guardian(Firebrand) 80 Mesmer(support Chrono fractals/FB support for wvw zerg) 80 Elementalist(weaver for sPvP) and 55 Engineer(Istan farm character, probably holo roam as well for wvw) )Begin grinding Fractals. (34 AR, 2 attuned ascended rings, personal fractal level 27)Rank up a bit in sPvP.Unlock and begin farming Domain of Istan.Level Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting and Weaponsmithing to 500.Started PoF story up to the Bunny quest.

What i'm hoping to achieve by joining a guild is ultimately just meet friends to play with and gain knowledge. Things like gathering mastery points, ascended crafting, best events/zones to get XP to train masteries, build/class tips, money making tips.. general newbie stuff. Also, not as important as the others but... roaming solo in wvw is hard for me because 1. i'm not that good and 2. I almost always run into other guild groups of 2+ and usually just die. Having guild mates to roam with would be fun I think.

So yea thats it... a little history of mine with the game and my overall intentions for the game and the guild. As I am currently unemployed, I play about 8-10 hours a day. I'd be down to do pretty much any guild events because as I mentioned above, im looking to do other things besides WvW. Be it puzzles, raiding, rp, fractals, zone completion.. anything.

Thanks for reading and considering me for guild membership!

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@Loosmaster.8263 said:

@Furyanx.3102 said:Bumping for visibility :) I haven't seen any guild recruitment threads for Blackgate.. thats unfortunate.

You might have better luck with asking in /m or /t in WvW for guilds.

Im not looking for a WvW only guild though, im trying to branch out of only doing wvw day in and day out :| Im in BG's discord, ill attempt to gain more ground there. thanks :P

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