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"Demagogue's Spirit" Event in Brisban Wildlands Bugged


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The quest "Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's Spirit" is still bugged after 3 days. The crystal runner is dead in the north gated area and any attempts to jump over the gate teleports your character back behind the gate. Does this quest ever reset? Does the map ever reset?

Myself and many others would like to finish our legendary collections without having to be impeded by buggy, neglected content.

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Having the same problem, waiting until a patch does not seem ideal, seems down right unreasonable to me.

Character name : Warden Of Nature, level 80 Human RangerEvent name ; Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's spiritGame area : Brisbane WildlandsProblem NPC : Crystal runnerRough time discovered : 3:30am atlantic time (2:30 EST)Description : The event is bugged as the NPC crystal runner that is apart of the event, has died inside the area with the champion, which is not accessible by players to res her (you can jump in from the top ledge, however you are teleported back to the "starting gate" of the event right behind less longbow) Tried my rangers spirit, and my guardian signet, neither have the range to res her either.

Edited to include the info that is required for a bug report.

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@Jericento.3165 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:All maps, and thus events, reset when a patch is released. The next scheduled one is Jan. 8th.

Quite frankly, this is absolutely unacceptable.

And if it bugs immediately after the patch?

Everyone who posts to this should get the required item so they can advance their legendary.

Not sure if you are new...right after patches are hot-fixes for a few days (2-4); but, after that interval there aren't bug fixes until the next release (which are usually every 2 weeks).

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