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How good is support Herald and support Renegade on Fractals?


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I just realized that I already have both support Herald and Renegade builds thanks to my support FB that I use on Fractals (all use full harrier and same sigils/runes). I don't play as Rev too much and I don't know how to play or how good Support Rev builds are. Are they good on Fractals or good only for Raids (which I don't play)? Are they harder to be played compared to support FB?

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They're certainly usable in both... But not really optimized. Let me explain.

The strength of Rev healing is it's sheer outgoing healing numbers (by far the most of any class), unfortunately, nobody doing end game stuff is really looking for that much healing, since as of this time there are no encounters that need it. However, what people 100% want from their support in every single encounter are the following things: 25 stacks of Might, 100% uptime on Fury/Quickness/Alacrity, Ranger Spirits, and Spotter (for many meta dps classes.) Out of that list, Renegade can provide 100% alacrity for ten people, 20-25'ish stacks of might for 5 people, and Assassin's Presence (not listed, but still a nice bonus.)

So what that means is that if you want to make your Support Renegade work in the scope of the current meta, you'll need to find a source of Quickness and Spirits, and then probably forget about Spotter for Fractals since you have potion bonuses anyways (this means a dps Quickbrand, a power Soulbeast running Frost spirit, and Fury from... Somewhere?, probably the BS). Raids, on the other hand, are a little more usable since your alacrity is for 10 people, and some groups find that appealing, however, it still does require your group to find sources of those other boons. And it is basically locking you into a 2 healer composition, since you basically will still need a Druid for spirits, might, and sub1 spotter. If you're fine playing with 2 healers, this is not as much of a loss, but the popular strat for a lot of encounters is solo-healer, and that basically means druid.

All that said, some of the top guilds are doing a lot of experimentation in fractals right now with Power Quickbrand and Power Renegade (not support tho) for a new speedier, higher dps composition--Power QB/Power Ren/Druid/pBS/pDPS. The Jury's still out on whether it'll be more ideal than the current Chrono/Druid/pBS/Power dps x2 comp. And I think the current kill record for MO was done with FBx2 and and Alac Renegade.

So, in conclusion, very usable, but you need to take a little more time ironing out your composition and maybe be willing to sacrifice certain buffs--which makes it sort of a hassle to coordinate in LFG, and less than ideal at this time.

Oh, and for easy of play? It's probably the easiest support to play since you're not really bound by cool downs like Druid/FB/Scourge are... Like, with the other classes you need to know the encounters really well to know if you need to save your CA or when to start Aegis spamming or pre-barrier with f3, etc... With suppRev, you can just constantly be puking out giant heals tho. Like I said initially, it has BY FAR the most healing output of any class, so that at least makes it pretty forgiving from a "not letting your group die" standpoint.

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For fun runs I would take my harrier renegade into CMs and t4s if no other healer would join. It works quite well at what it does.

Pros:A lot of healing.Projectile destructionDamage boosts via Assassin's Presence and Soulcleave SummitPermanent Alacrity and Might, with intermittent Protection, Regeneration, and VulnerabilityExcellent CC. It's really goodSurprisingly good damage for a healing build

Cons:The micro. More on that later.Narrow healing rangeNot as many unique buffs as other healing classesManaging energy can be difficult.

Playing this build is either really easy or really hard, depending on what your teammates do. If you have teammtes that will trust fall into a healer's arms, then it is easy to heal and buff everyone up. But... a lot of PUG players are used to being self-reliant in their own teams. Whenever they take a hit or danger comes their way, they run out of the way to avoid taking further hits. Because of the narrow healing range , you're faced with a dilemma: either let these players die, or chase them around with the tablet trying to heal them.

This problem because apparent while fighting vets/elites, and when you have to be in multiple places at once. Players tend to be disorganized, and doing something like Cliffside on healing renegade can be like pulling teeth. You'll be throwing that tablet around like it owes you money.

I haven't played much of healing Herald. Mostly I stick with renegade, for alacrity and because Soulcleave is really strong.

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I've been running the Renegade - Boon support healer build from metabattle for a little over a week now. While its not my favorite to play mostly because I am not used to managing the energy. They are still great to have in a party. It can be tricky and getting your rotations down for different scenarios. It can be difficult when the party is moving. Knowing the mechanics of each fight can help you position your tablet and soulcleave in the right spots.

Being paired with a Firebrand who is providing quickness can cover most if not all of the support for a party. I've found like mentioned above everything goes a whole heck of a lot smother when your group is stacking. I feel somewhat useless when everyone is running about like a chicken with their head cut off. Since everything you do is based on proximity to either you or your tablet there's really no point to being in parties like that imo. I believe in time people will start to understand a little better how to receive boons from the renegades.

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Hi Mist travelers,I dont wanna start new topic because title of this suits pretty well too soo It's about diviner stats.

We will have low precision, but as Renegades we can cap 100% thanks to Roiling Mist and Brutal Momentum (Freaking 76%!).

  • Question is how many Concentration we really need? I mean for 100% Alacrity is not need 100% Boon duration. If 100% Diviner gives 1050Concentration(70%)+10% from weapon sigil its 80% (+20 Agony infusions -> 6,6%) thats 80,6 + (Leadership rune is 25% + 2,4% from stats) thats 108% total

But...how many concentration is really needed if I wanna min max for dmg??? How many I need to keep 25might and alacrity??( + some prot from kalla summons)

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