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starting gw1

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i want to start playing gw1 to learn about the lore before gw2. i bought the gw1 trilogy. i never played gw1 before. please assume i know nothing and want a regular run through of gw1.

  1. where do i start - prophecies or fractions or nightfall campaign?
  2. when i am finish with a campaign and go the next campaign, do i have to create another character?
  3. when i finish with all three campaigns and get the eye of the north campaign, will that update remove the three old campaigns?
  4. are any other packs or unlock or add-ons or upgrades or expansions or etc i need before i start?
  5. i am also a character customization fan or addict. do the total makeover kits in gw1 have more faces and hairstyles than the character creation?
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  1. Chronological order is Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North and if you're playing for the story I recommend that order.

  2. You don't have to but you might want to. Characters from other campaigns come into the story part-way through. You won't miss anything major but you might want to make a new one as well to see the early stages.

  3. No, starting a new campaign will never remove previous content or access to areas. (Are there games which do this? It's such a common concern I assume there must be but it seems like a horrible idea to me.)

  4. No. You might want to play the Bonus Mission Pack at some point, but as the name implies that's almost entirely separate from the main stories. You play as historical figures going through important moments in history.

  5. Yes. Faces and hair styles are different depending on the campaign you start in, but the total makeover NPC let's you use all of them.

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1) You can start in either place. Each has pros and cons, I'll expand further down.2) You can play all campaigns with any character, but some early bits are unique to characters "native" to each.3) Nothing is ever removed, you can mobe back and forth between all.4) No, you can start fine with that, there's really nothing essential outside the campaigns and EotN.5) No new faces or hairs, from what I can remember, but it does allow mixing elements from the different campaigns - like a Factions hairstyle on a Nightfall face.

Order of play:If you want to play it by launch order, start with Prophecies. If you want to play by in-world chronology, start with either Prophecies or Factions, lore-wise they are essentially simultaneous.Nightfall offers Heroes, customizable NPCs to bring along, as does Eye of the North. These can be a large help if you don't have a steady group of friends to play with.Prophecies is much slower to level in than Factions, but for your first character, that won't matter very much.

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@Tanner Blackfeather.6509 said:

@MysticReaper.4318 said:thank you very much.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it! It's a very different game, from a gameplay perspective, but also a very good game!

I am very happy and very excited when i picked up an accursed icon. it reminded me of the first dragon quest role playing game on nintendo in 1980's, the cursed weapons and armor. i did not equip the accursed icon. oh man. i am so excited on what follows. --jumping from joy--

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2) No, but I recommend creating a new character from each campaign and playing through the story on the respective characters first. So create a Prophecies character and beat Prophecies on that character, then create a Factions character and beat Factions on that character, and then create a Nightfall character and beat Nightfall on that character. This allows you to get the full starting story for each campaign. It’s not important to do this by any means. I just think this is the best path for new players, story wise.

5) You can preview the hairstyles in-game (Asuran stylist in Great Temple of Balthazar) before you decide to buy the makeover kits.

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You SHOULD be starting chronological order. That's the way the story goes. Prophecies > Factions > Nightfall > EOTN. You do not have to create another character when you finish one of the campaigns, you can go straight through to the next one with a quest. But you will miss the beginning of the story for that particular campaign, so it would be better to just make a new character for each of the 3 campaigns.

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