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This is not another gw3 topic, or a kind

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Premise:At first sorry for my english, is not my language, then i have to say i really think gw2 is the best mmo, but nothing is perfect and nothing could be, but as community member i'd like to share my opinion with you and with anet, maybe you could like it or not, this is not important, the topic goal is to improve this game or what will be gw3, i also want to remind the usual raging status quo people, what i write will be not become true tomorrow neither a day, so be polite and keep the topic constructive.

I started to play gw2 since beta weekend, and i really enjoyed this game, after some years of playing it daily i went away for a couple of years, and now i'm come back, i'm impressed to see a lot of improvement on pve mechanics and some interesting news on pvp, and finally anet broke the chains between pve and pvp on skills and traits, they understood was a big mistake, as other choose they had done, and now changed, i think this is awesome because this mean they really care about game and they do not have fear to take some step back to move forward in a right direction, i.e. roles in the game are a must, do you remember the stack and dps days?

Anyway the road to repair what imho was a bad design decision from the beginning, is far, but not too much, i'm talking about the roles and the game diversity in pve high conntent as fractal an raid. Thanks good tank, healers and support are a things now, but probably not enough, i think the pve experience is not really thrilling as it is in other games, just because the roles are not really splitted as shuld be, and as a new player should expect.A necromancer should be a king of undeath, not an healer, a mesmer as lightweight armor shoudn't be a tank, the guardian guard nothing it is just a dps, more than a warrior, that is just a slave for banners. Do you also wanna talk about numbers of useless stats when in the game just 3-4 are used?I think that's really hilarious, i understand the developers goal when they designed the game, if i was one of them i should had agree with them at 101% because the idea is awesome to make every character to do different things, but the impact on the game balance and the game design is just fine.I've saw this issue just on this game, i think more specialized role and stats will help the pve content design, i know a lot of you are against trinity, but diversity is a plus in every contest, will allow player to really play what they want, and the game design will not screw up them and even others.

If you look at lfg you will just see a lot of chrono and druid need, and kp and li requirement, i don't wanna blame players doing it, because everyone know how frustrating is keep wiping because of few people, but for both side, super pro players and noobs, this is not a good things, because should be the game to adjust itself to allow players to do some content or not, if you have to start from lvl 1 till lvl 100 of fractal without jump on higher lvl, when you reach the top tier you have to know how to deal with mechanics, because you grow up with this enemies, and raids should belong to different tier too, i.e. tier 1 raids wings 1,2,3 tier 2 wing 4,5,6 and so on, to unlock higher tier you should reach XX kp or li, ad when you clear i.e. wing 4 you will earn also win 1 chest.Following this way i think will avoid or at least limit noob that jump on high content and feared normal players who ask for li and kp because sometimes bad experience happen cause of noob.We can't even blame noobs, because they (we) just do our story and dungeons with random stats gear, no mechanics needed, and you don't even know what role whould you have, with specalization or game balance it could even change, and that's really bad.

A game should be fun and thrilling, i think anet is the best mmo company they made an awesome work with gw2, but should be improved, because be kicked or kick payers from content is not fun for anyone, wait chronomancer or druid is not fun.

Suggesting too have less specialization/classes and blind them more on a specific role, and have more defined stats* are not popular request, but i think will allow to have balanced contents by design and have less toxic atmosphere

*as defined stats and class i.e. i mean if you are an healer your life should be around 50k with your stats healing power+ vitality, no precision or anything else, if you are a tank your life should be 100k and your stats should be thoughness and vitality

I don't wanna push back to the trinity model the entire game, but to end content, have i.e. game with 4 kind of role like dps, healer, tank, and suport and have 2 different playable cllasses per each role should help to have diversity while keep the content interesting and balanced.

At the end of my topic i wannna say i wrote different ideas that are completly personal, even if i know a lot of player i know and i play with and unfortunatly a lot of player left this game because of this, are in my same wave, and i spent my time writing this topic because i think is important to give a voice to every people like me, think this game is beautifull but need something more, and i write it because i know anet is an amazing team because they made this game that is one of the best we have. I don't know if thes ideas should be for gw2 or gw3 if will be a day, but i hope anet will think about it

Thanks for reading

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I do not like this post. It is essentially a "please define a specific role for each class" and not a lot else.

Guild Wars 2 prides itself on being different from other MMORPGs, allowing each class to do each role in their own way. This is one of the main attractions and I doubt that this will ever change.

This is something that you, Lian, will need to learn to accept.

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I understand what you're saying about class roles and a lack of definition in classes, but this game is built around that. Personally I think that if you want to do serious endgame content, this is the wrong game to pick. This game was built for casuals and farmers essentially. Fractals and Raids I'm sure added some level of challenge but it doesn't compare, but does it have to? I think not.

At some point this became the game it is today and trying to revamp fundamental elements of how this game is built, is just not going to work. They have to go on with what this game is. Sure within that they can still adapt and change a lot of things and I'm sure some things will happen when that next expansion finally does hit, but what you ask for is too fundamental to the core of this game. And the game is too old to attract a lot of new players and the current player base is mostly here for what the game is.

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