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Psst.. hey you.. Cult of Occult is recruiting! [NA] [PvE] JOIN THE [KULT]


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Well hello there.. I see you've found us. We're Cult of Occult [KULT]. A small new guild looking for new sacrfices-AHREM-I mean members!Our main game is PvE. We do fractals, dungeons, map completion, HP trains, lvl up characters, guild missions and hang out in discord. Our activity schedule can be viewed at message of the day in the guild panel. We're a pretty casual 18+ guild. Yes, we curse. Yes, we drink. Yes, we sacrifice virgins all day, everyday.We like to help out new and returning players, so everyone is free to join the dark realms where we reside. Gender, sexual preferences and all that doesn't matter. Just be you.You should know we are pretty new (27 members atm.) but hey, everybody has to start out somewhere! We are yet to claim a guild hall, but we're working on it ;)

We plan to stay on max 100 members. If you're not active for 3 weeks we will send you a message to check if you're alright. If we don't hear from you and you resume to be inactive for another week you will be kicked. If you however need to be away for a month or more, but inform us, you will be put on hiatus and released into the abyss we call society..

Rules:You have to be on a NA server.You must have Discord.Adult topics are allowed but we do not tolerate any sort of harassment!You have to be able to be online somewhere inbetween GMT 6AM - 4PM during weekdays.Don't be an idiot. That's it.. just don't do that.

So.. do you want your complementary goat blood delivered by UPS or Amazon?

Feel free to message me if you're interested in joining!Discord: InsertScreamHere#9473GW2: InsertScreamHere.4293

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