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Story, music, PoF - Thank you!


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I want to thank ArenaNet for the story that grew and became more serious and darker than before. The depth and feel of the story now feels much better than in core game and past seasons.I am thoroughly in love with Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire and Living Story Season 4. I love it when story makes me feel worried and causes me to actually feel something, sometimes even that heavy and sad feeling which happened in PoF and Season 4! (Fantastic job with Palawa Joko btw!)

I also want to thank the composers, the music in HoT and PoF is AMAZING!!!! There are some darker tunes that actually add to the atmosphere and make the world feel even better. I absolutely love standing in Maguuma and Elonian zones, just listening to music.In particular : Rata Novus, Quaggan Command, Veins of the Dragon, Tomb of the Primeval Kings, Fear Not This Night (the version from "A Bug in the System" trailer (both long and short versions)) and of course many others!

On top of that, I absolutely love the PoF zones, the graphics and the size of the areas! I am getting a ton of GW1 vibes and that feeling is just priceless!...and of course, MOUNTS! Mounts are pure perfection!

A huge THANK YOU from me!

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I enjoy the story too. I can't say I've ever felt a moment of catharsis playing through it, but I do think the characters in it are interesting and I'm curious about how they will continue to grow.

I can honestly say I've enjoyed the vast majority of the content added through the Living Story and expansions, from the maps to the music.

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