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Hero Challenge in Straits of Devastation Bugged

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As title, the hero challenge in south-western Malchor's Leap Straits of Devastation to fight the Veteran Risen Spectral Guard has bugged, has been bugged for 12 hours that I'm aware of and is still bugged now. It is literally the last thing I need to be able to finish off Central Tyria exploration but I can't do it because it won't activate. The Mob is green with full health and won't fight.

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@Jeffrey Vaughn.1793 said:Can you talk to the sword? What does the conversation say?

That's the point. Couldn't talk to it. Not sure if it's fixed yet or not but I know it's only broken in some of the map shards. Sometimes (on various toons) I've gone over and it's working and other times it's not. Presumably based on which of the instances for SoD I'm in.

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